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Thank you to this week's contributors.

Where am I?

Class 03 D2120 leads one carriage. In the background is part of Blackfriars railway bridge. The tops of the Wembley Twin Towers are just out of shot to the right. I was there last Sunday.

Answers by email only. Prize: none.

Last week's Where is this?

On the opening day of the Elizabeth Line (24th May) I exited and entered all the stations. Which station am I at?

No-one attempted an answer. Yes, they're only a set of escalators, but an informed guess could have won it for you.

The answer is Canary Wharf. The yellow colouring was your clue. It was so exciting to travel on the tunnel section of the Elizabeth Line after such a long wait, and there was much to be wowwed by. But the stations are a bit generic. I only really saw distinctive features at Farringdon and, as in this case, Canary Wharf. Canary Wharf is also a fine looking station externally, but most are samey.

Some public art at Farringdon


UK television listings with a transport theme for the next eight days

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Abandoned Engineering -:- An abandoned railway station near a town in Spain that is home to just 500 people and a record-breaking Arctic facility that goes deep below the surface

Abandoned Engineering -:- An eerie, empty country village which hides a sad secret, a mysterious tower battered by the elements and a disused railway deep beneath the streets of a city

Air Crash Investigation -:- Investigators make a shocking discovery that threatens Russia's aviation system when a plane crashes onto the trans-Siberian railway, leaving all 88 people on board dead

Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson -:- The actor goes on rail journeys around the globe, jumping on and off trains to find adventure and face challenges, while exploring the history and culture of each place he visits

Around the World by Train with Tony Robinson -:- The actor travels across Turkey, India and Burma, starting his journey in Istanbul, where he finds himself plunged into the middle of the madness of the spice markets. Then he heads to India, visiting one of Delhi's oldest markets, before taking a ride on the Himalayan Mountain Railway and being taught the proper way to imbibe at the Glenburn Tea Estate. He then crosses the Bay of Bengal into Burma, trying his hand at pottery and learning about toddy palm wine, finishing at the ancient city of Bagan

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Broadcaster Chris Tarrant continues his travels along the world's most challenging railways. Here he attempts to cross the Andes, setting off from the coast of Chile and heading for the Bolivian capital of Sucre. Along the way he traverses some of the driest and most inhospitable environments on the planet, hitches rides on unusual trains and deals with altitude sickness at more than 3,000 metres

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris attempts to cross the length of Cuba, the only island in the Caribbean to boast an extensive railway network, starting in Havana in the west. This proves to be a major challenge given the unreliability of the service and the old trains regularly used, but makes for a fascinating journey to Chris's ultimate goal, the American naval base at Guantanamo Bay. Along the way he soaks up the sights and sounds of Havana, retraces the footsteps of the country's national hero Che Guevara, and visits the ghost town of Camilo Cienfuegos - a relic from Cuba's colonial sugar plantation era

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris crosses Australia from south to north following the original ill-fated route of the 2,000 mile-long Adelaide to Darwin railway. After beginning his journey on a luxury modern train, he transfers to one of the line's surviving steam locomotives before hitting the Outback, where he quickly concludes that a 4x4 is a more practical means of travelling. He passes through ghost towns and explores abandoned railway relics before uncovering why most of the southern section of the line eventually had to be abandoned. At Alice Springs he hitches a ride on a freight train headed for Darwin and reaches his final destination after nearly 24 hours in the cramped cab

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris embarks on an epic journey through Scandinavia, starting out on the south-west coast of Norway and travelling to the capital Oslo via a blizzard-prone mountain region that doubled as the ice planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. He then heads to Stockholm, where he tours the Swedish city on its newly restored tram system, before crossing into Finland to visit Rovaniemi, known as Santa's home town. Chris also spends a chilly night in an ice hotel and boards a giant iron-ore train bound for Narvik, the final destination of his journey through darkness, ice and snow

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris journeys a thousand miles across Japan, starting out in Nagasaki, where the story of eastern railways began 150 years ago with the help of an enterprising Brit. In Fukuoka, he visits one of the Bullet Train's giant repair centres and in Hiroshima, he unravels what happened to its streetcar network after the world's first atomic bomb devastated the city. Along the way, Chris also meets a superstar cat and a singing conductor, while also checking into a popular trainspotter hotel and riding a steam-powered mountain railway

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris sets out to reach the northernmost railway station on Earth, inside Russia's Arctic Circle. This is an epic 2,000-mile adventure from Moscow into Arctic Siberia, and begins with a marathon 19-hour leg. Along the way he enjoys a reindeer stew with a local family and takes the controls of one of the massive locomotives that power the trains, before pressing on along railways built under the brutal regime of Joseph Stalin

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris takes a railway trip across Canada, revealing how 2,500 miles of transcontinental railway was built against huge odds in just a few decades, helping to join together a vast wilderness of isolated communities and create the country that exists today. He begins his journey on one of the earliest sections of track to be built, on a train that is now a lifeline for hunters and fishermen. He then sees one of the biggest, most famous trains in the world - the Canadian, before heading for the Prairies, and on to the port of Vancouver. Along the way he also searches for Winnie the Pooh, crosses raging rivers and meets the descendant of a pioneering Yorkshire family who arrived here more than 100 years ago

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris takes a trip through India on the Konkan railway, a line that opened in 1998 and runs down the west coast. He starts his journey at dawn in the country's financial capital Mumbai, where the Mandovi Express is the first of many trains he catches along the 472 miles of track running through the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka. To keep the line straight, 92 tunnels and 2,000 bridges had to be built in one of the wettest areas of the subcontinent and Chris joins the monsoon team, which patrols daily to ensure that it is free from obstructions

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris travels from Bangkok in Thailand to Mandalay in Myanmar, tracing the route of the notorious Burma-Siam Railway. The 250-mile line was built by the Japanese during the Second World War using enslaved Asian workers and Allied PoWs, and Chris visits the famous site of the Bridge on the River Kwai along the way

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- TV and radio presenter Chris Tarrant goes on three journeys by rail through some of the world's harshest terrain. He begins by heading to the Congo in central Africa to experience one of the greatest surviving railways of the colonial era, built by the French at a cost of tens of thousands of native lives and connecting the capital Brazzaville to the coast. Chris sets off on his scheduled two-day trip from the station at the port of Pointe-Noire, ending his journey six days - and a whole series of setbacks - later

Classic Mary Berry -:- The food writer demonstrates a range of recipes using produce from Britain's farms and gardens, from a pasta inspired by a classic French herb sauce, to a perfect way to partner asparagus, and her own version of a classic tarte Tatin. She also travels on one of the Watercress Line's 19th-century steam trains, where she leaves the stove to help fire up the 300-ton engine

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters -:- The actress travels around the UK coast by train, beginning by boarding the famous Jacobite steam train for a trip along Scotland's West Highland Railway, famously featured in the Harry Potter movies. Along the way, Julie learns about herring gutting and blowing up railway lines, and meets a traditional Scottish storyteller on the Isle of Skye

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters -:- The actress travels from Cardigan Bay to Liverpool, visiting the heritage railway in Tywyn that was the inspiration for Thomas the Tank Engine and a community that is famous for knitting. She also paints a carriage in Boston Lodge, catches the famous Ffestiniog railway through Snowdonia, and visits Europe's fastest zip wire and largest pet cemetery

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters -:- The actress travels from Newcastle to Edinburgh by high speed train. Along the way, she stops off at the coastal town of Alnmouth, discovers where the phrase Keep Calm and Carry On originated, visits the world's biggest gannet colony, and goes out to sea with a lobster breeder. When she reaches her destination, she discovers the connection between the railway and the famous Balmoral Hotel

Coastal Railways with Julie Walters -:- The actress travels on the famous Great Western Railway to Cornwall. She recalls childhood holidays when she stops at Torquay before heading to a supposedly haunted castle at Kingswear. She also uncovers tales of smuggling and joins members of the RNLI on a practice run before visiting an unusual cake shop in Penzance

Find It, Fix It, Flog It -:- Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien head to a private railway, where Simon converts a lantern to a stylish table and Henry turns a fire extinguisher into a steampunk lamp

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- Steeplejack and amateur historian Fred Dibnah examines historic railways and engineering projects undertaken by the likes of Stephenson and Hackworth

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- Steeplejack and amateur historian Fred Dibnah examines the work of the Stephenson family, and how it influenced the railways

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- Steeplejack and amateur historian Fred Dibnah explains how diesel-powered locomotives replaced steam trains, leading to the creation of the Railway Preservation Society

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- Steeplejack and amateur historian Fred Dibnah shares his passion for the railways by visiting workshops, museums and preservation lines devoted to their past. In the first episode, he looks at the early pioneers of the rail system

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- Steeplejack Fred Dibnah learns more about the work of one of his heroes, engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his plans for a wide gauge railway system

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- Steeplejack Fred Dibnah visits the Ffestiniog Railway in Gwynedd, Wales, where he talks about restoration work and is taken for a ride down the track by the manager Paul Lewin

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- The steeplejack and amateur historian visits Llangollen Railway, where he reminisces about the past, and is given a chance to fulfil a childhood dream with driver Robert Haslam

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- The steeplejack and amateur historian visits Ravenglass, Cumbria, where he has an opportunity to see an old mill working

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- The steeplejack explores the creation of the stream train and new speed records that were set in the 1920s

Fred Dibnah's Railway Collection -:- The steeplejack investigates how railways changed Britain and follows the growth in popularity of the locomotive. Plus, a visit to a rope haulage railway in Derbyshire

Great Asian Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo explores the growth of Kuala Lumpur, from a swampland tin mine to a major British colony, before becoming a major economic powerhouse in its own right. He meets jewellery at the Royal Selangor pewter factory, samples Malaysia's national dish, and investigates the scandalous behaviour of an infamous British resident general at the turn of the 20th century. He then heads to Melaka, for centuries one of the greatest trading ports in the world, before finally arriving at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula in the historic city of Johor Bahru

Great Asian Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo's 2,500-mile rail tour of south-east Asia reaches Malaysia. On the island of Penang, he traces the origins of the former British colony in Georgetown, rides one of the world's steepest funicular railways and is enchanted by exotic specimens at Malaysia's first butterfly sanctuary. Travelling on the nation's hi-tech railway network Michael visits its wettest town, Taiping, and learns how the discovery of tin made this land a prized possession for Britain. Next stop is the regal town of Kuala Kangsar, home to the Sultan of Perak and to one of Malaysia's most prestigious schools

Great Asian Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo's tour reaches its final stop, Singapore, where he learns about the island city's maritime origins and the vision of the 19th-century Englishman who put it on the map. At the bar of the Raffles Hotel, he treats himself to a Singapore Sling, now a world-famous cocktail, takes a boat down the river and dines with an artist and his family in Chinatown

Great Asian Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels to Java's Central Province and the royal city of Yogyakarta, where he visits the Sultan's Palace and admires the ancient art of shadow puppetry. Moving north to Ambawara, Michael boards a scenic heritage line constructed by the Dutch with carriages dating from the time of his Bradshaw's guidebook. Moving on, he learns how coffee was first brought to Java for cultivation, visits the Great Mosque and ends at Surabaya, a port bursting with local traditions, produce and culture

Great British Railway Journeys -:- In the final leg of his journey from Ayr to Skye, Michael Portillo discovers how the railways provided Second World War commandos with the means to travel to the isolated landscape of Lochailort, where they were able to train without attracting the attention of German spies. He also learns why langoustines have replaced herring as the best catch in the fishing port of Mallaig, and explores the history of Highland crofters

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey along the Irish mail route beginning in Chester, where he takes a tour of Roman remains, and then visits a secret Second World War chemical plant at Rhydymwyn, Flintshire. After spending the night in Llandudno, he heads to the Conwy estuary for a spot of mussel fishing

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey along the route of the historic Irish mail service from Ledbury to Holyhead, stopping off in Coalbrookdale, Shropshire, to visit the world's first iron bridge. He also explores Wrexham's Chirk Castle, and tries his hand at making traditional Cheshire cheese

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey from Ayr to Skye and investigates the parallel 'roads' etched in the side of Glen Roy - one of the geological mysteries of the 19th century. He also finds out how the Victorians put a weather observatory on the top of Ben Nevis, and crosses the Glenfinnan viaduct by steam train

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey from Ledbury to Holyhead, taking the train to the summit of Wales' highest peak, Mount Snowdon. He then examines the revival of Anglesey's sea salt industry, before discovering how the railways transformed the port of Holyhead

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey from Newcastle to Melton Mowbray, stopping at historic Durham Cathedral. He also explores one of the first locomotives in Darlington, and takes a gothic Dracula-inspired tour of Whitby. Finally, he boards a steam train to travel across the North Yorkshire Moors

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey inspired by George Bradshaw's Victorian Railway Guidebook. He searches for the last liquorice grower in Pontefract, finds out how the railways transformed Hull into one of the largest white-fish ports in the world, and goes fishing for sea bass in Bridlington

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey, travelling on the Embsay and Bolton Abbey steam railway, finding out about Roman discoveries in York, and taking to the air in the Network Rail helicopter

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey up the west coast of Scotland and discovers how trains helped spread the reputation of Oban whisky. He also learns about the efforts to build a railway through the desolate Rannoch Moor and visits Corrour, a favourite shooting estate of the political elite in Victorian times

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on a journey from Ayr to Skye. He begins by visiting the home town of poet Robert Burns and finds out how to make haggis. He then discovers the way in which the railway transformed the game of golf in Prestwick, and uncovers the story of the great Victorian tartan hoax in Paisley

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the next leg of his journey, learning about the London Necropolis Railway, a funeral service that transported coffins from Waterloo to Surrey's Brookwood Cemetery from 1854 to 1941. He also discovers how London's West End became a popular shopping destination in the 19th century and examines the changing fortunes of the city's docks

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the next leg of his journey, travelling from Newcastle upon Tyne to Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, along some of the earliest railways in England. He visits the first locomotive factory in the world, opened by George Stephenson, searches for the lost pit village of Marsden in South Shields, and is entertained by a comic troupe of rapping sword-dancers in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the second leg of his journey along the west coast of Scotland from Ayr to Skye, stopping off to explore the Dumbarton shipyards that were responsible for the construction of the famous Cutty Sark. He also goes hunting for gold in the mountains, and visits Loch Lomond, one of Queen Victoria's favourite haunts

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo explores the Conwy Valley in north Wales, stopping in Betws-y-Coed to find out about Britain's first artists' colony. He also visits the Victorian slate capital Blaenau Ffestiniog and takes a steam train to Porthmadog harbour

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo goes fishing at Ely in Cambridgeshire with the last remaining eel trapper on the Fens, and visits the Denver Sluice, one of the great triumphs of 19th-century engineering. In the Norfolk town of King's Lynn, he uncovers an ambitious plan to reclaim the Wash in Victorian times

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo sets off from Dereham in Norfolk on the final leg of his journey to the seaside town of Cromer. Along the way he gets the opportunity to drive a heritage diesel train, discovers why Norfolk black turkeys appeared on the Victorian Christmas menu, and samples classic Cromer crab

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo sets out to follow the route of the historic Irish mail service from Ledbury in Herefordshire to Holyhead on Anglesey. He begins by tasting the Victorian drink perry, meeting a pedigree Hereford bull and visiting the world's first iron-framed building in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo takes a Turkish bath in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, and explores the Victorian industrial village of Saltaire in West Yorkshire. He also meets alpacas, whose fleeces made a fortune in the age of George Bradshaw, as he journeys from Newcastle to Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels along England's south coast from Hythe to Hastings. Along the way, he discovers a hardy breed of sheep on Romney Marsh, explores Kent's sparkling-wine industry and learns why the Victorians became obsessed with ferns

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from Sandwich to Folkestone, exploring a secret port that helped ferry troops and vital supplies to France in the First World War. He also visits Walmer Castle, once home to hero of Waterloo the Duke of Wellington, and discovers how the Victorians initiated the building of the Channel Tunnel

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels the length and breadth of the country with a copy of George Bradshaw's Victorian Railway Guidebook to discover how the railways have affected people and find out what remains of Bradshaw's Britain. He begins in Liverpool by learning to speak Scouse, before researching the first railway fatality and exploring the origins of the Eccles cake

Great British Railway Journeys -:- The second leg of Michael Portillo's journey from Liverpool to Scarborough takes him from Manchester to Bury. Along the way, he finds out about the life of Victorian train enthusiast George Bradshaw, gets fitted for a trilby hat in Denton, and learns how railways helped contribute to the nation's love affair with fish and chips

Great British Railway Journeys -:- The third leg of Michael Portillo's journey from Brighton to Cromer begins in the London borough of Enfield, where he visits the Royal Small Arms Factory, the largest machine shop in Europe in the Victorian era. He then discovers the influence of trains on horse racing in Newmarket, and heads to Cambridge to find out why it could be considered the birthplace of football

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo traces the early 20th-century roots of the Spanish Civil War, which divided his family and sent his father into exile. The former politician discovers a nation fractured at the time by social tensions and regional loyalties, which today offer a rich diversity of cultures to delight the tourist. After arriving in Majorca from Barcelona, Michael spoils himself enjoying spectacular scenic views aboard a 1912 vintage railway and a 1913 tram. He also gets trampled underfoot at the bottom of a Catalan 'people steeple' and learns to make the perfect paella

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo uses his 1913 copy of Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide to explore Poland. He begins in the capital Warsaw, where he takes to the floor to dance to one of Chopin's polonaises with high-school students rehearsing for their leavers' ball, before discovering how the former industrial city of Lodz supplied the vast Russian empire of the early 20th century. He then heads to Poznan and rides one of the few remaining steam-powered commuter trains, visits a factory in Wroclaw that manufactures car bodies for locomotives, and ends his journey in Krakow, where he takes a tour in an iconic vehicle of the communist era

Japan Railway Journal -:- After closing in 2009, the Kosaka Railroad in Akita Prefecture transformed into fun tourist attractions - see how the discontinued railway is being used to promote tourism and revitalise the area.

Japan Railway Journal -:- On September 23, JR Kyushu's Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen opened for business along with a new tourist train. See the shinkansen in action and the redevelopment project along the line to attract visitors.

Last of the Summer Wine -:- Foggy takes Compo and Clegg on a nostalgic day out to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway to ride on a steam train - but the trio soon interfere in matters that should not concern them. Brian Wilde, Bill Owen and Peter Sallis star

Massive Engineering Mistakes -:- Once considered the eighth Wonder of the World, the Kinzua Bridge was the longest railway bridge in the world. But, a freak tornado destroyed it - why did it fall?

Rails into Laramie (1954) -:- An army officer tries to keep the construction of a railway running while fighting corruption in a nearby town. Western, with John Payne, Dan Duryea and Lee Van Cleef

Runaway Railway (1966) -:- A group of youngsters trying to save a railway line from closure are tricked by crooks planning a robbery. Children's adventure, starring John Moulder-Brown and Kevin Bennett

Steam Train Britain -:- At the East Lancashire Railway, the annual Race the Train event gets under way - with athletes of all abilities taking on the 11-mile course from Bury to Rawtenstall

Steam Train Britain -:- At the South Devon Railway, Andy Leech and Liz Turner host afternoon tea for 44 passengers. In East Lancashire, volunteer Chandra Law takes on the new role of Stationmaster

Steam Train Britain -:- Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway are celebrating their annual Victorian Weekend, while in south Devon, silver service waiter Andy Leech runs the three-course Sunday lunch

Steam Train Britain -:- Great Central Railway's Scott Manley takes a rainy busman's holiday working as a guard at Bury, while a team of volunteers in Wales try to keep the line clear of overgrown plants

Steam Train Britain -:- Meeting the Welsh Highland Railway's oldest volunteer fireman, 80-year-old Cedric Lodge, who has worked on the railways for 60 years. In Devon, there is a look at the Autotrain

Steam Train Britain -:- On the Welsh Highland Railway, a newly built Pullman carriage is on its way to Caernarfon Station and a Saddle Tank Loco is being completely restored on the East Lancashire Railway

Steam Train Britain -:- On the Welsh Highland Railway, trainee Claire Oates takes her driving test, while chef Alex and manager Michelle prepare a dinner for 130 people on the East Lancashire railway

The Railway Children (1970) -:- Three Edwardian children are forced to leave their comfortable middle-class London home and move to the wilds of Yorkshire after their father is wrongfully imprisoned for treason. Family drama adapted from E Nesbit's story, starring Jenny Agutter, Sally Thomsett, Gary Warren, Dinah Sheridan, Bernard Cribbins, William Mervyn and Iain Cuthbertson

The Railway Children (2000) -:- Simon Nye's feature-length dramatisation of E Nesbit's heart-warming novel about three Edwardian children forced to leave their middle-class London home and move to rural Yorkshire, where they fall on hard times and embark on a series of exciting adventures. The all-star cast includes Jenny Agutter, who played Bobbie in Lionel Jeffries' 1972 film version, Jemima Rooper, Gregor Fisher, Richard Attenborough, Jack Blumenau and Clare Thomas

Whispering Smith (1948) -:- A government agent working on the railroad investigates a string of train robberies, and is stunned to discover one of the culprits is an old friend. The situation is complicated by the detective's feelings for the bandit's wife. Detective Western, starring Alan Ladd, Robert Preston and Brenda Marshall

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Bill Nighy narrates a trip along the Far North Line between Inverness and Wick, a four-hour ride that travels 167 miles along the coast. There is a stop at Beauly for a visit to a renowned tartan tailors and a spot of fly fishing, as well as a look at Dunrobin Castle, the abode of the Duke of Sutherland, who built part of the railway and then fancied himself a castle styled like a French chateau

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Celebrating the wonders of Queensland, Australia, cameras travel over 1,000 miles from Brisbane to Cairns onboard one of the most advanced trains in the world. There's a look at a rum distillery in Bundaberg and trip on the historic Mary Valley line. Narrated by Bill Nighy

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Looping around Andalucia, the luxury Al Andalus train takes in some of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Travelling south from Seville, cameras focus on Jerez, where the horses of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art are trained. There is also a look at the clifftop town of Ronda, before rolling on to the ancient cities of Granada and Córdoba. Narrated by Bill Nighy


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