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The Weekly Poser: Where is this?

We are looking at a Canadian city that is still today dominated by its railways, marshalling yards etc. Just two key bridges carry the nation's east-west traffic across the river. Where is it?

Last week's Where is this?

The map is dated 1871. I'm on a railtour late May in this area, and it helps to know the 19th-century political layout to understand how it defined such concentrated railway construction. Three countries come together - as do a lot of railways - at this point, so it looks important. A new city has grown since then. All the surrounding placenames have changed. Where is it?

Answer: Katowice, Poland. Congratulations are due to the following for their correct answers: Richard Fleming, Paul Hopper, Jeremy Harrison, Andrew Treves, "AC", Richard Maund, and Peter Tisdale.

The turbulent period 1914-1945 led to the collapse of three empires, much redrawing of borders, population shifts, the emergence of nation states etc. Here is a contemporary railway map adjacent to the 1871 map.

The line tracking the northern border of Austria-Hungary now crosses many borders but was then the main line linking Vienna and Prague with the East (Lviv/Lemberg) - whilst remaining wholly within the Empire.

Whatever the political boundaries, Upper Silesia and Galicia were majority-Polish-speaking in 1871, and that is what is reflected in the modern situation. Huge deposits of coal encouraged the development of steel-making, and it rapidly became the main German industrial centre after the Ruhrgebeit. The Upper Silesian Coal and Steelworks Company was established in 1882 and a new city coalesced. Kattowitz for a few short decades became a majority-German-speaking island but is now Poland's primary industrial centre.

The rail network has obviously developed greatly since. My May rail tour will be based at a secondary industrial centre that emerged at Ostrava in Czechia, covering a mixture of standard and narrow-gauge lines, tramways etc.

Katowice was briefly called Stalinogród in 1953, but that name didn't survive Stalin's denunciation in 1956. As a legacy of Poland's time (1945-89) under Soviet sway, the region was reached by a Russian/Ukranian gauge (1520mm) line - the Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa - from 1979. It has recently played a vital role in providing logistics to Ukraine in its time of need.

A zoomable version of the 1871 map - covering the whole of central Europe - is available on Timetable World.


UK television listings with a transport theme for the next eight days

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3:10 to Yuma (1957) -:- A farmer in need of money agrees to guard a notorious outlaw until the train arrives to transport him to jail. Meanwhile, the pair are holed up in a hotel, where his prisoner plays mind games with him - and the villain's cohorts are waiting outside ready to engineer an escape. Western adapted from a novel by Elmore Leonard, with Van Heflin, Glenn Ford, Felicia Farr and Leora Dana

9-1-1 -:- The 118 respond to a massive train derailment, where they battle against the clock to save as many lives as possible

Abandoned Engineering -:- An abandoned railway station near a town in Spain that is home to just 500 people and a record-breaking Arctic facility that goes deep below the surface

Abandoned Engineering -:- The world's most impressive disused railway bridges, including the biggest wooden trestle bridge in the world, which was closed down due to hurricane damage

Agatha Christie's Marple -:- The sleuth investigates her friend Elspeth McGillicuddy's claim to have witnessed a murder being committed on a passing train during a rail journey, but everyone is stumped by the lack of a body. Mystery, starring Geraldine McEwan, Pam Ferris, Niamh Cusack, John Hannah, Amanda Holden, Griff Rhys Jones, David Warner, Jenny Agutter and Rob Brydon

Agatha Christie's Poirot -:- An American businessman fears his life is in danger while travelling on the Orient Express from Istanbul to Paris, and offers fellow passenger Poirot $10,000 for protection. After rejecting the proposal, the sleuth wakes up the following morning to learn the man has been stabbed to death while the train was held up by heavy snow in Serbia. Racing against time to find the killer among the passengers, Poirot must look to the past to solve the crime, and is faced with a decision that will haunt him for ever. David Suchet takes the title role in the murder mystery, with guest stars Hugh Bonneville, David Morrissey and Eileen Atkins

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild -:- Ben meets a scientist in Siberia, who gave up his urban life to work in the Russian Arctic on finding ways to reduce the impact of climate change on the permafrost. His project makes use of steam machines and monster trucks, but away from his environmental work, he is working on the idea of bringing the woolly mammoth back from extinction

Blue Magic Cleaning Solutions -:- A range of products to keep your home spotlessly clean. From spring cleaning to steam cleaning we have it all here on Ideal World

Bobo -:- Animated series. Bobo takes his first train ride, but gets scared when the train drives through dark tunnels.

Britain's Most Luxurious Train Journeys -:- A trip aboard Scotland's high-speed Midland Pullman train, which travels through the Perthshire town of Pitlochry, and the resort of Aviemore in the Cairngorms National Park. Passengers include a couple celebrating their anniversary, a mother bidding farewell to her daughter, and a woman who shares her alopecia story

Britain's Most Luxurious Train Journeys -:- The historic Settle to Carlisle line, travelling through some of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria's most stunning countryside and passing over the iconic Ribblehead Viaduct. The train's staff help out with a surprise wedding proposal and a 90th birthday celebration, while executive chef Nick creates masterpiece meals including a shin of Galloway beef and a trio of mini desserts

Buster (1988) -:- Fact-based crime drama about the life of Buster Edwards, a member of the gang responsible for the Great Train Robbery. Going on the run after the notorious heist, he flees to Mexico with his family. However, his homesick wife struggles to adapt to her new life, leaving the outlaw with a difficult choice. Starring Phil Collins, Julie Walters, Sheila Hancock, Larry Lamb and Ralph Brown

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid -:- Documentary about the 1890s Wild West duo who robbed trains and banks and soon became national news, focusing on who Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh actually were

Caravan Holidays with Shane Richie -:- The actor visits a vast campsite in North Yorkshire, which has its own theme park and zoo. The place is so big that guests can call for a golf-buggy taxi just to take them to their room. Once, settled in, Shane hops on the cable cars for an aerial view of the park's rollercoasters and wild animal enclosures. He also explores the local area, taking in a steam train trip from inside the driver's cabin and a fishing trip out of Whitby. Following in his father's footsteps as an performer, Shane's son arrives with his band to perform as the site's entertainment

Criminally Funny -:- The show that lifts the lid on the funnier side of crime, featuring robbers on horseback, goats on trains and police cars on the run. Joe Thomas narrates

Destroyed in Seconds -:- How a freight train smashed into an articulated lorry, the collapse of a four-storey building, a motorcycle crash, and the collision of a house and a bridge during floods

Dial 999 -:- Maguire works with the railway police to track down a gang that has stolen mail from a London to Glasgow train

Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet -:- Dr Jeff and Petra train new vets at a wildlife sanctuary in Mexico. While there, they spay an endangered jaguar, and help an injured osprey

Dylan McGrath's Secret Service -:- The renowned chef acts as mentor to five chefs-in-the-making, who train with him in his restaurant Fade Street Social over a four-week period. His task is to prepare them to produce a fine dining event to raise funds for the charities that support them

Edwardian Farm -:- Spring sees the daffodil harvest, accompanied by a rush to get the flowers off to the train station so they can be delivered to towns and cities across the country within hours of being picked. Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn go to Dartmoor for the annual pony trek, and use the occasion to purchase one of the beasts for the farm. However, before their new pony is fit for work, he needs to be trained, and the farmers hire American horse whisperer Mike Branch for the job. Meanwhile, the arrival of new lambs is followed by a pleasant surprise for Ruth Goodman in the run-up to Mother's Day

Escape to the Country -:- Jonnie Irwin is in Norfolk to help a couple with an £800,000 budget buy their first property together, and rides on a narrow gauge steam train when he meets the enthusiasts keeping the Bure Valley Railway running

Father Brown -:- Lady Felicia and Mrs McCarthy are taken hostage when a midnight train robbery goes awry. Crime drama based on the stories by GK Chesterton, starring Sorcha Cusack and Nancy Carroll

Father Brown -:- The sleuth must stop a much-loved institution from going off the rails when the local stationmaster is murdered. Mark Williams stars

Find It, Fix It, Flog It -:- Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien head to a private railway, where Simon converts a lantern to a stylish table and Henry turns a fire extinguisher into a steampunk lamp

Find It, Fix It, Flog It -:- In Cockermouth, Cumbria, Simon O'Brien and Henry Cole meet blacksmith Jon, who spent many years working on fairgrounds. At the valuation, independent valuer Ronnie Archer-Morgan reckons there's rich pickings to be made from railway memorabilia

Flying Scotsman from the Footplate -:- A guide to life on the footplate of the nation's favourite steam engine. Cameras are placed aboad locomotive 60103 as it travels along the Severn Valley, cutting through stunning landscapes on a journey from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster. The 'cab cameras' capture veteran driver Roger Norfolk and fireman Ryan Green in action as they talk through the mechanics and challenges of operating this national treasure. Needless to say, things sometimes get hot on the footplate and not everything goes exactly to plan

Fred Dibnah's World of Steam, Steel and Stone -:- Documentary offering an insight into the Bolton steeplejack's love of restoring engines and chimneys, highlighting one of his greatest triumphs - the steam traction engine he painstakingly repaired over 27 years. His great appreciation for volunteers who dedicated their lives to preserving the past is also explored

Fred Dibnah's World of Steam, Steel and Stone -:- Documentary offering an insight into the steeplejack's love of steam-powered engines and machinery. After spending a large part of his life studying their construction and history, he passed on this knowledge in his programmes and highlighted the importance of steam power in Britain's past

Fred Dibnah's World of Steam, Steel and Stone -:- The steeplejack's interest in industrial engineering, which was sparked by the building of canals, railways and bridges near his Bolton home. The documentary visits Hadrian's Wall, the canal tunnels in Dudley and Conway's suspension bridge

GPs: Behind Closed Doors -:- The effects of substance abuse are clear when Dr Eleanor Beecraft is forced to call an ambulance for a patient who may have taken a drugs overdose. Another doctor must convince a depressed man with a marijuana habit that life is still worth living, and Dr Sarah Kayat has a consultation with a long-term alcoholic, who explains the events that led to his life coming off the rails

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- In Lawrence, Kansas, Michael Portillo joins the Jayhawks basketball team in the famous Allen Field house stadium with energetic encouragement from their cheerleaders, before travelling through Tornado Alley to Topeka to meet one of the first storm chasers in America. Driving out on the Great Plains, Michael learns about the Tallgrass Prairie and comes face to face with a herd of wild buffalo

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo arrives in Manassas, Virginia, scene of two crucial battles during the American Civil War. In Fredericksburg, he tries bottling bourbon corn whiskey and learns how it became the nation's spirit. In Richmond, the ex-politician enjoys a tour of the Virginia state Capitol building, where he hears of the dilemma faced by one of its most famous sons, General Robert E Lee, before donning his dancing shoes for a Cotillion ball. Michael ends his journey in Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in North America

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his American rail journey west to Jefferson City, Missouri, following the tracks of European settlers in the 19th century. In St Louis he ascends America's monument to the Wild West, the Gateway Arch, the tallest free-standing monument in the US. On the banks of the Missouri River, the political commentator is invited aboard a replica of the original keel boat used for an historic expedition. In Washington, Missouri, Michael tries to craft a corn cob pipe, and in Jefferson City he finds an huge fortified building that served as the gaol for the entire Wild West

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey westwards across the United States, discovering the hidden pleasures of 19th-century railroad workers in Sedalia and learning more about the birthplace of ragtime. He then travels to Paola, Kansas, where he auctions livestock and dines on spare ribs, before reaching his destination in St Joseph, Missouri

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo reaches Colorado, where he follows in the footsteps of 19th-century east coast men who came to experience the cowboy life. At Bent's Old Fort, he is transported back to the Mexican American War of 1848 and finds himself inspecting the troops, before heading out into the spectacular gorge of the Arkansas River aboard the historic narrow gauge Royal Gorge Railroad

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels through New Mexico, watching rehearsals at the Santa Fe Opera House and learning about a Lancashire railroad caterer who made his fortune. He then sets off from Albuquerque to pick up Arizona's Grand Canyon Railway as heads off to witness one of the greatest sights on Earth

Great Asian Railway Journeys -:- Approaching Vietnamese capital Hanoi aboard the Unification Railway, Michael passes the famous street where the locomotive passes within centimetres of the houses either side of the tracks. Checking into its famous Metropole Hotel, he discovers a bunker where guests sheltered from American bombardment during the Vietnam War. At a former Soviet factory that once supplied military uniforms to the North Vietnamese army and Viet Cong, Michael discovers a progressive new manufacturer providing sportswear to the United States Olympic team. He later views the limestone islets and turquoise waters of Ha Long Bay

Great Asian Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo explores the largest island of the Indonesian archipelago, travelling through rainforests and paddy fields from the capital, Jakarta, to the volcanic region at the heart of Java's Central Province. He visits Java's most dangerous volcano, Mount Merapi, learns how to make noodles, and visits the Borobudur Temple, a Buddhist shrine that lay buried under a layer of volcanic ash for centuries

Great Asian Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels through Indonesia, starting out from the capital Jakarta and travelling south to the city of Bogor, where he admires its botanical gardens

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Armed with a copy of George Bradshaw's Victorian Railway Guidebook, Michael Portillo embarks on another journey around the country to discover how the railways have affected people and communities, and the legacy they have left behind. He begins in Manchester, where he finds out how the world's first industrialised city produced a revolutionary political movement, and learns about the railway workers who founded one of the most successful football clubs of all time. Along the way, the presenter does the washing in Port Sunlight - a model village on the Wirral - and hears stories about the aptly named George Francis Train's time in Birkenhead, Merseyside

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Beginning in the heart of academia in Oxford, Michael Portillo visits the Bodleian library to see some Victorian treasures, including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein manuscript and a pocket-sized edition of Bradshaw's Companion. At Bicester, he investigates two new rail projects, finds out about Victorian philanthropy in Bedford and finishes in Luton, where he explores the dark arts of the hat-maker

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo arrives in Littlehampton, where he discovers how Victorian engineers defended the town's residents from cholera. He stops off at Gosport and experiences the lethal firepower unleashed on the French during in an arms race. In the New Forest, the presenter visits Florence Nightingale's family home, before finishing at Beaulieu, where he seizes the opportunity to drive the first motor car

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo begins in the ruinous gardens at Aberglasney House near Llandeilo before riding shotgun in the driver's cab on one of the most scenic routes in Britain. Over the border in Leominster, Herefordshire, he steps out onto the dance floor at the Lion Hotel Ballroom, where a grand ball was held to celebrate the opening of the Ludlow to Hereford railway, and finishes this leg of his journey at a traditional cider house in Hereford

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo begins underground at Big Pit coal mine in Blaenavon, where he discovers how Victorians toiled night and day to power the Industrial Revolution. On the River Usk, he learns about 19th-century developments in angling before heading to Ascott-under-Wychwood in Oxfordshire - once the scene of a farm labourers' dispute that ended in rioting. Michael concludes this leg of his journey at Blenheim Palace

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey around north-west England by celebrating Victorian trade with the Preston Guild, and then heading to Rochdale to learn about a pioneering movement to improve the lives of working families. The presenter also follows in the tracks of many 19th-century industrial employees who made day trips to Hebden Bridge to walk in the Calder Valley

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey around north-west England in the elegant resort town of Southport, where the railways provided thousands of holidaymakers with the chance enjoy the fun of the fair. On his journey around some of the region's larger towns, the presenter uncovers the history of Victorian entrepreneurship in Wigan and the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution in Bolton, before heading to smaller Leyland to get behind the wheel of a 100-year-old commercial vehicle

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey through the Lake District, where he discovers a magical world of talking rabbits, ducks, hedgehogs and mice, who have entertained children for more than 100 years. At the village home of author and illustrator Beatrix Potter, he learns about her legacy and her fears about the railways. Michael presses on to Brantwood, home of the Victorian art critic, John Ruskin, and finishes with a brief encounter at Carnforth

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey to Leeds by travelling through Buckinghamshire, meeting one of the Second World War's most secret agents at Bletchley. In Olney, he learns about a poet whose words are still sung today, and explores the first purpose-built railway town at Wolverton. His last stop is Newport Pagnell, where he tackles the ancient craft of vellum-making

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo crosses into West Yorkshire to begin the next leg of his journey, visiting the Worth Valley and the home of the three Bronte sisters, who were early investors in the railway industry. He then heads to Oakworth to find out how its station and tracks were used in one of the most popular films ever made, and in Bradford discovers the ways in which 19th-century workers saved to buy a home. The presenter finishes in Halifax, where he learns how the railways contributed to the town's success

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on a new railway journey along the south coast of England. Beginning in the port of Dover, he takes a plunge into the English Channel, inspired by the example set by a brave 19th-century sea captain. A miniature steam train one third the size of a conventional locomotive conveys him from Romney Marsh to Dungeness, and in Eastbourne, he learns how the 7th Duke of Devonshire managed to market the town's attractions to the refined upper-crust of Victorian London. The first leg of his trip concludes in eccentric style at the Glyndebourne opera festival on the South Downs

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on another journey around the country to discover how the railways have affected people and communities, and the legacy they left. The first leg of a journey through north-west England begins in Carlisle, where investigates the Victorian appetite for the custard cream, before braving a perilous descent into the only operational slate mine in England and discovering a miniature railway

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the final leg of his journey through the Republic of Ireland, travelling from Athlone to Galway. Along the way he examines historic jewellery with royal connections, encounters a people's king and meets up with a traditional Irish singing group

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the first leg of a journey to Leeds, beginning at London's Euston station. He finds out what happened to the once proud Euston Arch and heads to Camden to see how goods were transported by rail, road and canal. He reflects on the Harrow rail disaster of 1952 and visits a country estate in Tring, Hertfordshire, before alighting at Cheddington in Buckinghamshire, which is close to the scene of 1963's Great Train Robbery

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo reads the riot act in Preston, and discovers four mill workers were shot dead at a protest in 1842. In Darwen, he traces developments in interior design from wallpaper to paint, before exploring the Victorian industrial landscape of Salford in the paintings on LS Lowry. He finishes his leg of the journey on Kersal Moor, where he discovers the poetry of Edwin Waugh and twists his tongue around the Lancashire dialect

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo sets off from Oakham in Rutland, where he learns about a noble tradition dating back to the Middle Ages and decides to take part. Heading east to Stamford, Lincolnshire, he discovers why the town is such an attractive location for period dramas, while a ghoulish scene awaits in Peterborough when he visits a Victorian operating theatre where railwaymen were treated. Michael's last stop on his journey is Christ's College at Cambridge University, where he finds out about the student days of Charles Darwin

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from Newbridge in Co Kildare to Roscrea, North Tipperary, visiting the Irish National Stud in Tully, discovering how harsh life was for the Irish poor and investigating an astronomical feat of Victorian engineering

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from Newhaven to Worthing, examining the nation's hidden defences, and taking in two magnificent engineering achievements - the Ouse Valley Viaduct and the Clayton Tunnel. High on top of a favourite Victorian beauty spot he learns how trains carried hordes of day-trippers to fly kites, and finds a novel way to pick tomatoes in Worthing

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from St Helens to Knutsford, finding out about modern glass-making and how techniques invented in the Victorian era to construct buildings such as the Crystal Palace have evolved and are powering a new architectural revolution

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo tunes into the music of the mills and collieries of Victorian England by joining a brass band in Honley, West Yorkshire, before stopping off in Holmfirth to learn about a tragedy that led to a tourist boom in the town. The presenter then crosses into Derbyshire to pay homage to railway engineer George Stephenson at his resting place in Chesterfield, before concluding his journey at Chatsworth House, which was one of the first stately homes to welcome visitors by rail

Great British Railway Journeys -:- On the final leg of his journey, Michael Portillo rediscovers a once-famous poet in Nottingham and travels on a railway line resurrected by popular demand after falling victim to Beeching's cuts. He finds out how Doncaster rail workers shaped British political history, before reaching his final destination of Leeds, where he auditions at Britain's oldest continuously working music hall

Great British Railway Journeys -:- On the last leg of his journey through north-west England, Michael Portillo makes a clean sweep in Ashley, Cheshire, where in Victorian times the new middle classes set up home in suburban villas with multiple chimneys swept by children. In Macclesfield, he finds the end of the Silk Route and tries his hand at screen printing. Then after stoking the fire on the steam-powered Churnet Valley Railway, the former politician alights at Froghall, Staffordshire, heading for Alton Towers to trace the 19th-century origins of the theme park

Great British Railway Journeys -:- On the next stage of his journey to Leeds, Michael Portillo sets off in Leicester, where he finds out about the hunt for Richard III's remains. Michael works his passage on the Great Central Railway from Rothley to Loughborough, where he learns about a family that has been casting bells in the town since 1839

Great British Railway Journeys -:- The next part of Michael Portillo's journey from London to Leeds begins in Northampton, where Victorian methods have been used to make shoes for more than 130 years. The ex-politician then heads to Warwickshire, learning about the legacy of Dr Thomas Arnold at Rugby School and finding out how Coventry's craftsmen learned to adapt to survive, before ending this leg of his trip in Nuneaton

Great Indian Railway Journeys -:- Guided by his Bradshaw's 1913 Handbook of Indian, Foreign and Colonial Travel, Michael Portillo travels across India

How Do They Do It? -:- A look at how one of the fastest bikes in the world was created, how pilots train to perform death-defying acrobatics, and how oil and gas is brought up from the bottom of the sea

How Do They Do It? -:- How formation skydivers train in a wind tunnel, and the lowdown on a bullet-proof vest that can stop a dozen rounds at point-blank range

How It's Made -:- Developments in the manufacture of turntables, steam engines, playground equipment and non-stick pans

How It's Made -:- Examining the manufacture of airstream trailers, horseradish sauce, industrial steam boilers and deodorant

How It's Made -:- The manufacturing processes behind the creation of stile and rail doors, steam cleaners, hand-held pizzas and power brushes

Human Desire (1954) -:- Railway worker Carl asks his wife Vicki to seduce his boss to avoid losing his job, but when the time comes, he flies into a jealous rage and kills his employer. Carl threatens to frame Vicki for the murder if she ever leaves him, but she's soon having an affair with one of his colleagues - whom she hopes to persuade to kill her jealous husband. Drama, starring Gloria Grahame, Glenn Ford and Broderick Crawford

James May: The Reassembler -:- In a festive special, James puts together a Hornby Flying Scotsman, his favourite childhood Christmas present, which he was given in 1972 and sent him on to a path of mechanical intrigue and reassembly. Laid out in all its 138 tiny component parts, James lovingly reassembles the train as well as his memories of Christmases and toys past

Japan Railway Journal -:- Discover the secrets of Japan's railways, from the newest technologies and systems in use to travel tips and must-see places.

Japan Railway Journal -:- Eleven years ago, a section of the JR Tadami Line closed due to heavy rain. On October 2022, the line resumed full operation. See how the locals overcame challenges to bring back the Tadami Line.

Joanna Lumley's Japan -:- Joanna begins a 2,000-mile journey across Japan in Hokkaido, where she meets one of the most important animals in Japanese culture, the red-crowned crane. She arrives in Sapporo during the middle of the annual Snow Festival and meets members of the local indigenous community, before travelling into the Fukushima exclusion zone and taking a bullet train from Nagano to Tokyo

Killer in My Village -:- When a teenager disappears without trace at a Kent train station, painstaking forensic evidence is used to unmask her killer

Law of the Panhandle (1950) -:- A US marshal is sent to deal with a gang of outlaws terrorising the inhabitants of a peaceful valley. However, after witnessing the murder of a courier carrying secret papers, he discovers the bandits' crimes are part of a scheme to control the land where a railway is due to be built. Western, starring Johnny Mack Brown and Jane Adams

Lloyd of the Flies -:- An animated series about a young fly with a lot to prove. Having written a book on the subject, Gena agrees to train Lloyd in how to survive outdoors, but Lloyd is disappointed to discover that all the training is to take place indoors.

Love at First Glance (2017) -:- Mary Landers' hopes of an imminent engagement are dashed when her boyfriend tells her he is looking for someone more adventurous than her. During a train ride home, Mary finds herself exchanging glances with a handsome stranger, who accidentally leaves his phone behind when disembarking. With her ex's words playing on her mind, Mary resolves to throw caution to the wind, and embarks on a mission to return the phone in person. Romantic drama, starring Amy Smart

M*A*S*H -:- Hawkeye's desperate quest to get replacement boots sets in motion a train of deals, favours and backhanders all dependent on Klinger being sectioned and sent home - which Frank will not allow. Comedy, starring Alan Alda and Jamie Farr

Mega Shippers -:- Kieran struggles to get a 26-tonne train rolling for the first time in 60 years. Plus, Colin has 48 hours to load ten valuable racing yachts

Mighty Mike -:- There's a new sheriff in town when Mike attempts to stop the raccoons from using Tom's train set to ship their loot back to their den.

Murder, She Said (1961) -:- Elderly sleuth Miss Marple is travelling by rail when she witnesses a murder on a passing train. The police dismiss her claims, so she launches a private investigation and goes to work as a servant in the stately home where she believes the body is hidden. Agatha Christie mystery, starring Margaret Rutherford, Arthur Kennedy, Muriel Pavlow and James Robertson Justice

Murder She Solved -:- Officer Patti Lumpkin tries to track down a missing woman whose boyfriend was found bludgeoned to death near a railway track

New Tricks -:- The team investigates the mystery of a missing scientist, after the man's wife receives a series of emails from someone claiming to know what happened to him. The physics professor was last seen in 2004, on a train to Paris for a conference, and when he disappeared he was working on a potentially lucrative cold fusion project that had attracted attention from many large organisations. However, as the detectives dig deeper, a shadowy Whitehall figure warns Sandra's boss Strickland they should drop the case

Night Train to Lisbon (2013) -:- An academic impulsively pursues a woman he met by chance, leading to him abandoning his job to follow her to Lisbon. On the journey, he reads a book belonging to her, and is inspired by the philosopher who wrote it. He sets out to track down everyone who knew the author to discover the story of his life. Drama based on Pascal Mercier's novel, starring Jeremy Irons and Melanie Laurent

Noddy: Toyland Detective -:- Train hears cows near the railway tracks and insists on going slow in case he scares them, but the builders on board need to get to Brickabuild fast

On Assignment -:- Rhys Williams investigates the deadly rail disaster in Greece in February, when an InterCity passenger train collided head-on with a freight train, killing 57 people. He meets victims, bereaved families and those in the industry who issued multiple warnings in the lead up to the disaster. Elsewhere in a Mexico City suburb, Rageh Omaar visits the altar of 'Santa Muerte' or Holy Death, a 21st century deity that accepts and nurtures the outcasts who feel neglected and rejected by mainstream religion

Overland Pacific (1954) -:- An investigator tries to find the reason behind constant attacks on the railroad. Western, starring Jock Mahoney, Peggie Castle and Adele Jergens

Paddington Station 24/7 -:- It is the height of summer and as the temperature soars, tensions rise as commuters face delays caused by a broken down train outside central London. In severe heat, the tracks can expand and with fears of them buckling, it falls to the team in Network Rail's Swindon control centre to manage the situation, and they are left with little choice but to issue speed restrictions of just 5mph

Patrôl Pawennau -:- A rock slide blocks a train that has Cadi and and her cat on it. The pups must clear out the rocks unaware that Cali the cat has wandered off

Patrôl Pawennau -:- A train car derails and damages the tracks, and another train is scheduled to arrive later with important packages in it

Peppa Pig -:- Miss Rabbit's train breaks down while her passengers are trying to get to work, so Grandpa Pig lends her his train, Gertrude

Police Interceptors -:- In Huddersfield, officers are in pursuit of a van driver who smashed his van into a parked car before fleeing, while Bob and Dan pepper spray a suspect who is not keen on being handcuffed. Chris and Chris go after a stolen car whose driver gets too close to some railings, and the Operational Support Unit deal with a suspected heroin user carrying a number of bank cards and needles

Police Interceptors -:- Officers pursue a driver who flees the scene of a road accident in a decommissioned ambulance, eventually abandoning the vehicle on a railway line after crashing through level-crossing barriers. Elsewhere, Warren comes under attack from a gang of youths on a garage forecourt, Spenner nicks a runaway driver with the help of a wheelie bin, and Kev is faced with a flaming Mercedes in the middle of rush hour

Port Pàipeir -:- Curlybeard needs to find a job to pay the bills, while Matilda has to train to win the videogames championship

Race Across the World -:- The teams reach the halfway point and set off on their journey to the fifth checkpoint over 3,000 kilometres away on Manitoulin Island. The race is on but the pairs only have one way out of Churchill - an overnight train south followed by two buses from hell. In what could be the tightest leg so far, the teams have limited options and must use their ingenuity to gain an advantage. The current leaders struggle on with only a quarter of their budget left after splashing out on an expensive taxi in the last leg. Zainib is feeling homesick leaving her and husband Mobeen with a decision to make and Monique and Ladi try to make a quick break from the other teams. Tricia fears she may have to cut her race short after receiving some bad news from home

Rude Tube -:- Alex Zane presents the top 50 clips featuring the internet's greatest planes, trains and automobiles on the super silly highway. From the man who lives on his bike to Taxi Dave, the most entertaining cabbie in the world, there's a trip and a clip to suit everybody. Prod/Dir: Simon Balch; Series Prod/Dir: Daniel Riley; Exec Prod: Adam Bullmore; Prod Co: October Films

Salvage Dawgs -:- Hosts Mike and Robert salvage conductor chairs from a train caboose. The whole crew then picks through the Old Cold Storage warehouse in Arrington, Virginia

Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? -:- When Scooby and the Gang are in Sicily they're chasing a fire monster! But they are surprised to meet up with none other than famous actor Steve Buscemi. His ancestors are from this area and he has a lot of cousins in town and was just visiting. But he's being plagued by fire monster attacks. Our gang teams up with Mr. Buscemi to get to the bottom of this fiery mystery. Let's hope Mr. Buscemi can train our gang to be proper fire fighters and mystery solvers before they all get burned.

Scrapheap Challenge -:- Robert Llewellyn presents from the Great Dorset Steam Fair as 16 teams showcase their 'welly wangers'. They compete to see whose device can throw a Wellington boot the farthest with the most accuracy. Taking on the reigning champions is the house team - Scrapheap All Stars

Seconds from Disaster -:- An investigation into the 1999 Paddington train crash that killed 31 people, asking who was to blame and whether the accident could have been avoided

Secrets of the Railways -:- An exploration of the Harz Mountain Railway in Germany - Europe's longest rail network - which still uses steam locomotives and has a murky, hidden past

Secrets of the Railways -:- Documentary looking at railroads constructed during history's most turbulent periods, now associated with some of mankind's ugliest deeds. Beginning with the Trans-Pyrenees Railway

Secrets of the Railways -:- The Liverpool and Manchester Railway, which revolutionised rail travel when it opened in 1830, becoming the first railway to have a signalling system among many other things

Secrets of the Railways -:- The Nordland Line, the longest in Norway at 453 miles. Stretching between Trondheim and Bodo, it was first built to transport the country's greatest natural resource - iron ore

Secrets of the Railways -:- The Tablelands Railway Line in Queensland, Australia, which changed the face of one of the country's great states when it was constructed in the late 1800s

Secrets of the Railways -:- The White Pass and Yukon Railroad over the US-Canada border, which began construction after the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 19th century and saw 35 workers lose their lives

Secrets of the Underground -:- A legendary train filled with stolen Nazi gold is said to be hidden in Poland. Rob and Stefan explore deep under the earth's surface to uncover the truth

Send in the Dogs -:- The work of British Transport Police's canine units, which help monitor the safety of commuters on thousands of miles of railway and underground track. The programme follows a spaniel trained to search for drugs, as well as police dogs that help their human handlers control the crowds at football matches. Ken Stott narrates

Super 8 (2011) -:- A boy and his friends sneak out at night to film an amateur zombie movie, only to witness a train derailment. As people start disappearing from their town and the military descends in force, they come to realise a dangerous alien was being transported on the train and is now on the loose. Sci-fi thriller, starring Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning

Tenable -:- Members of a team of five train control centre workers get their chance to take on the Tower in a bid to make off with a big cash prize. Quiz show, hosted by Warwick Davis

The Architecture the Railways Built -:- Tim Dunn explores the birthplace of British locomotive manufacturing - Leeds, starting at the Round Foundry

The Architecture the Railways Built -:- Tim Dunn revisits his childhood holiday haunts in South Devon, following the route of Brunel's experimental atmospheric railway

The Big Bang Theory -:- Leonard and Howard attempt to distract Sheldon with a trip to a historic railway when he slows the progress of their work on the Air Force guidance system. Raj and Stuart look after baby Halley, while Penny and Amy take Bernadette out

The Big Steam Adventure -:- John Sergeant, Peter Davison and Paul Middleton travel from London to Scotland using only the power of steam. From barges and paddle boats to steam trains and traction engines, the trio use a wide range of steam machines to make their way up the country, and learn about the history and engineering genius of the machines they are travelling on along the way. Peter, John and Paul begin their journey in Greenwich, London, before traveling to Kings Cross station in an open-topped 1909 Stanley Steam car. Finally, they board The Duchess of Sutherland steam train to Stevenage where they view the fascinating vintage planes at the Shuttleworth Museum

The Bounty Hunter (1954) -:- A professional manhunter searches for three murderous train robbers who have taken cover in a backwoods town, but is unable to identify the killers among the community's residents. Meanwhile, the fugitives are aware of his arrival, and tensions begin to rise. Western, starring Randolph Scott, Dolores Dorn and Ernest Borgnine

The Dales -:- Adrian Edmondson revisits the Wildman family's farm in Kirkby Malham for the opening of the charcuterie, and follows the Dales tradition of the Burning of the Bartle in West Witton, where an effigy of a sheep stealer is paraded through the streets and set alight. He also finds out about the fundraising plans of Wensleydale Railway general manager Nigel Park

The Flying Scotsman: A Rail Romance -:- To celebrate its 90th birthday, Barbara Flynn narrates the story of the nation's love affair with the Flying Scotsman - arguably the most famous locomotive in the world, and one that symbolises all that was great about British engineering. In 2004, public donations and grants were used to purchase the train and keep it in Britain, where the National Railway Museum has been working to restore it to its former glory. First shown in 2013

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills -:- As the Tahoe getaway continues, Sutton and Crystal's colourful disagreement comes to a head, only to go off the rails again when Sutton feels alienated from the group

The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953) -:- A spy for the Confederacy during the American Civil War decides to make a fresh start after the conflict, and takes a job working for a railroad freight company. However, his past catches up with him in the form of a former ally who is now the leader of a gang of bandits and is plotting a train robbery. Western, starring Randolph Scott and Claire Trevor

The Virginian (2014) -:- A boy is left an orphan following the murder of his parents, but is taken in by a cattle baron. The rancher trains the youngster to fight and teaches him to enforce a strong moral code, but as he grows to adulthood, he begins to realise his mentor has taken him in to serve a hidden agenda. Western, starring Trace Adkins, Ron Perlman and Victoria Pratt

The Yorkshire Auction House -:- Angus helps to clear a warehouse filled with collectables to fund a luxury holiday. Plus, a pensioner sells his huge model railway

Timeshift -:- Andrew Martin investigates why named trains, once the pride of the railway companies that ran them, have now largely been confined to locomotive history. Embarking on a series of rail journeys around Britain, Andrew revisits the routes travelled by the Flying Scotsman, the Cornish Riviera Express and the Brighton Belle, three of Britain's most famous named trains, as he reflects on the bygone golden age of railways

Traffic Cops -:- On the Nottinghamshire border, Craig responds to a report of a serious assault on a late-night train and an off-duty officer who tried to intervene also says she was struck by the assailants. In Long Eaton, Dave and Jason are called to the scene of a car crash, but what at first seems like a bad accident involving a suspected stolen car eventually leads to the arrest of the car's owner for perverting the course of justice

Trains That Changed the World -:- How the rise of train travel between cities led engineers to consider how to travel within them - leading to the development of the London Underground

Trains That Changed the World -:- How the steam train reached the height of its importance in Europe just as fresh innovations were being made in America, with groundbreaking trains like the Burlington Zephyr

Trains That Changed the World -:- The historical importance of freight trains, including four-mile-long vehicles transporting enough iron ore to build two Eiffel towers

Trains That Changed the World -:- The railroads ended slavery in the USA, but trains can be agents of oppression too. The British Empire built railways to rule the world, enabling it to control the empire

Trains That Changed the World -:- The stories behind the most important trains in history and their impact on the world, beginning with a look at the first locomotives during the Industrial Revolution

Vanished Wales -:- Adeola Dewis explores a historic Welsh neighbourhood that was reduced to rubble, the nature reserve with an explosive past, and the seaside railway that made history

Vera -:- The detective investigates the death of a pensioner found stabbed on a train at the height of rush hour. The case has a huge impact on Joe's home life when his daughter is named as a key witness, and he struggles to maintain a professional distance. The trail leads the team to a quiet Northumberland coastal town where clues appear to lead to one particular street - but why are the residents so reluctant to talk? Starring Brenda Blethyn, with David Leon, Sonya Cassidy, Jon Morrison and Eva Birthistle

Wagons West (1952) -:- Jeff Curtis, a travelling wagon-master agrees to lead a pioneer train from Joplin, Missouri to the Oregon territories. When the train begins to encounter trouble with well-armed Native tribes, Jeff is forced to consider the prospect that one of the convoy's members is selling weapons to the enemy, and suspicion falls on the mean-spirited nephew of the train's captain. Western, starring Rod Cameron

Walker, Texas Ranger -:- A Mormon wagon train has to be defended from outlaws

Walking Britain's Lost Railways -:- Rob Bell explores the lost railways of Northern Ireland, starting in Belfast, where they helped to create a city and a world-renowned shipbuilding centre. Rob's railway route takes him from the Irish Sea to the Atlantic coast, and, on a visit to Armagh, he learns of a campaign to restore the Belfast to Armagh route and visits the site of the Armagh railway disaster, which proved a watershed moment for railway safety

Walking Britain's Lost Railways -:- Rob Bell is in Kent following a quiet, rural line that exploded into prominence during two world wars. The Elham Valley railway once linked Canterbury to Folkestone via the chalk downs of the 'Garden of England'. As Rob discovers, the line was built as part of a tug of war between competing Victorian rail companies

Walking Britain's Lost Railways -:- Rob Bell is in Yorkshire on the trail of a man once known as the 'Railway King'. George Hudson rose from farming origins to become Lord Mayor of York, and the greatest railway builder of all. Rob starts in York, which Hudson almost single-handedly turned into a railway city - home now to the National Railway Museum

Walking Britain's Lost Railways -:- Rob Bell visits Cornwall, once one of the world's great industrial landscapes, and explores the copper mining that once dominated this peninsula. From north coast to south coast, Rob follows Cornwall's first two railways, and discovers how the deep mines they served prompted the invention of the all-important steam engine

Walks Around Britain -:- Series featuring inspirational walks between from around Britain. Andrew White walks on a disused railway in the Peak District and alongside the Caledonian Canal

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- A journey through Sicily that takes in seven Unesco World Heritage sites, with the first stop being a visit to a castle whose baron was inspired by Hampton Court. There's a meeting in Modica with Sicily's most famous chocolatier, a trip on the unique railway that travels around Etna, and a visit to Ragusa, a baroque-inspired city famous for its beauty and for its spiral railway that travels within a mountain

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- A journey through the mountains of the Italian Riviera in a restored vintage 1920s train, beginning at Cinque Terre national park, and concluding in the historic port city of Genoa. Along the way, the train stops at the elegant resort of Santa Margherita and the remote 10th-century abbey of San Fruttuoso

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- A look at Bavaria's rich history of steam travel, seeing world-beating miniature railways and visiting a whole host of interesting places on a journey to the heart of the Bavarian Alps, where a beer-brewing monk and a town made famous by the Winter Olympics await. Later, a trip to Germany's highest mountain Zugspitze - which offers amazing panoramic views right across Germany and Austria

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- A trip through Devon to the tip of Cornwall, going back in time to recapture the golden age of luxury train travel. Travelling in the elegantly restored Statesman, passengers relax in its vintage carriages and enjoy the exquisite service. The first stop is on the stunning Devon coast, which suffered devastating destruction during the heavy winter storms of 2014. From Dawlish, it heads to Cornwall and across the Royal Albert Bridge, a masterpiece of railway engineering

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Cameras focus on New Zealand's South Island, and the great Dunedin Railway's trains - the Inlander and the Seasider. The journey begins with a trip down the Taeiri Gorge towards Otago Harbour, and the area's capital, Dunedin. Bill Nighy narrates

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Cameras focus on the island of Taiwan, and three extraordinary railways. The journey begins in the eastern port city of Hualien, from where we travel north along the rugged Pacific coast. The trek ends with a view of Taiwan's highest mountain peaks above a sea of clouds. Narrated by Bill Nighy

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Cameras follow a train route from Bergen to Oslo, through the extraordinary mountains of southern Norway in winter. This super-fast train travels daily to the country's capital, and first stop is Dale - a place where Norway's most famous knitters design and craft the country's famous jumpers. The final stop is Sandvika, where Monet painted around 30 scenes. Narrated by Bill Nighy

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Luxury heritage train The Northern Belle, aka steam locomotive 6201 Princess Elizabeth, travels through England's rural north-west. Beginning in Preston, the passengers of its stylish 1930s Pullman carriages are soon whisked up through Cumbria and the spectacular landscapes of the Lake District. The train continues on to historic Carlisle, the site of a world-class medieval cathedral and home to supposedly England's most haunted station. It then joins the Settle to Carlisle line, considered one of the most scenic railway routes in the world

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- The West Highland Line is one of the world's truly legendary train routes, crossing spectacular Scottish moors and mountains as it heads towards Skye. Starting in Glasgow, it glides towards Loch Lomond, the world's largest inland stretch of water. It then sweeps north to enter the wild and windswept landscape of Rannoch Moor. After ascending to Corrour, Britain's highest station, the journey passes Ben Nevis, the UK's tallest mountain and then across the famous Glenfinnan viaduct. The coastal town of Mallaig is gateway to the Isle of Skye with its world-famous Highland cuisine and many breathtaking views


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