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The Weekly Poser: Where is this?

Sent in by a reader of Raildate, this 2-8-0 loco with a huge headlight hasn't steamed for a few years but looks to be in near-working order. Where is it?

Last week's Where is this?

In this photo taken from a moving train, we do a complete circle upwards in preparation for crossing this famous bridge. Where is it?

Answer: Rendsburg High Bridge (Eisenbahnhochbrücke Rendsburg), Germany. Congratulations are due to the following for their correct answers: Colin Penfold, Richard Maund, Paul Tambini, Bob Joshua, Dave Goodyear, Paul Hopper, John Gilby, and Peter Tisdale.

The Kiel Canal in northern Germany (then Kaiser Wilhelm Canal) was originally spanned by swing bridges. In the course of the expansion of the canal from 1907, these were mostly replaced by high bridges. This is one of four such high bridges for railways, and is on the main line north into Jutland (mainland Denmark). (The others are Hochdonn, Grünetal, and Alte Levensauer). The map shows the original alignment of the railway and the current loop required to gain height within the town.

This Wikipedia page explains more. Google may offer to translate it for you from the original German.

The "Schleswig-Holstein Question" was a factor in long-standing German fears that Britain would occupy the area north of the canal, hence upgrading the rail links into southern Schleswig. Danish is now respected as a minority language in the area, but conflict arose in conjunction with German unification (1871) because Denmark and Prussia/Germany were moving in different directions culturally and politically, and the borderlands' loyalties and populations were all mixed up.


UK television listings with a transport theme for the next eight days

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70s Greatest Dance Hits -:- A look at 1970s floor-fillers, including Love Train by the O'Jays, and much loved tracks by Queen, Madness, ELO, Michael Jackson and Boney M

'Allo 'Allo! -:- Rene and Yvette elope by rail to Switzerland with four of General Von Klinkerhoffen's gold bars, but find they have company. To make matters worse, the Resistance is planning to blow up the train. Comedy, starring Gorden Kaye

'Allo 'Allo! -:- Rene is on the night train to Geneva, and while he is seeking to avoid Edith, he bumps into Mimi, the Colonel and Gruber. Second World War comedy, starring Gorden Kaye, Carmen Silvera and Vicki Michelle

Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks -:- When Alvin sees every celebrity with their own personal bodyguard, he decides to train Theodore for the job

Ancient Egypt by Train with Alice Roberts -:- Alice visits upper Egypt and completes her journey in the city of Aswan, whose quarries provided the granite for the country's ancient monuments. The towns along the railway line each have their very own Ancient Egyptian temple. Alice finishes up taking a boat to see the extraordinary Philae Temple that was rebuilt in the 1970s due to flooding caused by the Aswan dam

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- Conductor Jay and engineer Mike are tasked with transporting fuel to a remote community. Can they overcome intense blizzards to deliver this vital cargo?

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- Conductor Jay and engineer Mike embark on a crucial cargo run from Hearst to Cochrane. Along the way, they must pick up a 2,500-tonne load of newsprint

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- Conductor JR and trainee Trevor must transport a massive load of timber from Calstock to Cochrane, navigating extreme weather to get the job done

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- The Polar Bear Express is often the only way to reach the frozen town of Moosonee. A group of explorers board this train for its hazardous journey

Ben Elton: The Great Railway Disaster -:- The comedian argues that railway privatisation is a failed experiment, travelling through Manchester's Ordsall Chord, an £85 million feat of engineering which currently only runs one train in each direction per hour, and experiencing Britain's worst railway line, the Transpennine Express. Ben reveals the results of a Channel 4 survey which asked 2,000 adults about their experience of using the trains, questioning how problems on the railways have impacted people's everyday lives, changing the way they travel

Big Train -:- First episode of the comedy sketch show first screened in 1998, with Amelia Bullmore, Julia Davis, Simon Pegg, Mark Heap and Kevin Eldon. Characters include a flamenco-dancing bomb disposal unit and a French-speaking tortoise

Britain's Most Luxurious Train Journeys -:- The historic Settle to Carlisle line, travelling through some of Lancashire, Yorkshire and Cumbria's most stunning countryside and passing over the iconic Ribblehead Viaduct. The train's staff help out with a surprise wedding proposal and a 90th birthday celebration, while executive chef Nick creates masterpiece meals including a shin of Galloway beef and a trio of mini desserts

Caught Red Handed -:- A woman catches a carer stealing her money on camera, then encounters the same deceit a few weeks later with a different employee. Plus, Network Rail share footage of people endangering their lives on the train tracks, and reveal their efforts to stop those involved. Presented by Dominic Littlewood

Caught Red Handed -:- Dominic Littlewood reveals how police used ingenious methods to track down a robber who had attacked and injured a train enthusiast. Plus, the mechanic who used his technical know-how to bring crimes at a garage to a sudden stop

Ceol na Loidhne/Song of the Track -:- Ingrid Henderson celebrates a collection of more than 100 newly-discovered photographs of the West Highland Line, one of the most spectacular railway tracks in the world

Criminally Funny -:- The show that lifts the lid on the funnier side of crime, featuring robbers on horseback, goats on trains and police cars on the run. Joe Thomas narrates

Dead Reckoning (1947) -:- A veteran paratrooper is drawn into a web of murder, gambling and blackmail by the former girlfriend of an comrade, who went missing from a train while the men were on their way to awarded medals in a ceremony in Washington. Film noir murder mystery, starring Humphrey Bogart, Lizabeth Scott, William Prince and Morris Carnovsky

Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! -:- Dennis and the gang train Bertie in the art of standing up to people

Departure -:- Kendra Malley is called to the US to investigate a mysterious, high-speed train crash in rural Michigan. Starring Archie Panjabi

Desmond's -:- Porkpie mounts a protest against the Channel Tunnel rail link, while Gloria prepares herself for her exam results. Norman Beaton stars

Dive in Tokyo -:- This time we visit Shimbashi, a business district in the heart of Tokyo - learn about its history as the terminal of Japan's first railway and discover why it's considered an oasis for office workers.

Dragons: Rescue Riders -:- After saving Chief Duggard from a shipwreck, two 10-year-olds and their dragons are invited to stay in the Viking village of Huttsgalor. Animated spin-off from How to Train Your Dragon

Eggheads -:- Jeremy Vine hosts as Strangers on a Train try their luck against the Eggheads to win the rolling prize fund

ESPN Films Presents -:- A look at the Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club in Montana and its impact on Indigenous girls who train under former fighter Frankie Kipp

Father Brown -:- Lady Felicia and Mrs McCarthy are taken hostage when a midnight train robbery goes awry. Crime drama based on the stories by GK Chesterton, starring Sorcha Cusack and Nancy Carroll

Find It, Fix It, Flog It -:- Henry Cole and Simon O'Brien head to a private railway, where Simon converts a lantern to a stylish table and Henry turns a fire extinguisher into a steampunk lamp

Fort Yuma (1955) -:- When an Apache chief is killed in a fight with a settler, his son goes on the warpath, launching an attack on a supply train headed for Fort Yuma. The only survivors - an embittered officer, a scout and a female missionary - realise the war party plan to kill everyone at the fort, and face a tortuous journey to raise the alarm. Western, starring Peter Graves and Joan Vohs

Four in a Bed -:- The latest competition begins in Norfolk at the Old Ram Coaching Inn, one of five-star-trained Victoria MacDonald's three B&B sites. Guests Michele and Cheryl aren't impressed with Victoria's dusty towel rail and a suspicious brown smudge in the toilet. However, Aaron and Mel aren't happy about a hairy bed. At breakfast, Aaron fumes over his eggs, and Alan and Alison's feedback leaves Victoria reaching for the tissues

Fred Dibnah's Made in Britain -:- Fred meets fellow traction engine enthusiasts in Staffordshire and visits an old friend who is restoring a triple expansion engine at Bratch Pumping Station. He also takes a tour of the trains on the Severn Valley railway and learns about the history of mining in the Black Country at the Living Museum

Fred Dibnah's Made in Britain -:- Fred watches a traditional chain-maker at work and visits a copper mine, before discovering how the metal sheets produced would be transformed through a spinning process. He also takes a trip to the Ffestiniog railway, built to transport slate, where he rides on the footplate of a 19th-century train and sees the world's oldest working steam engine

From Ice to Fire: The Incredible Science of Temperature -:- Helen Czerski explores the science of heat, and how the ability to harness it has led to some of humanity's greatest innovations, from steam engines to plasmas

Game of Thrones -:- Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven, while in the north of Westeros at Castle Black, the Night's Watch stands behind Alliser Thorne. Fantasy drama, starring Isaac Hempstead-Wright and Owen Teale

Garage Rehab -:- Richard and his team transform a struggling non-profit garage that trains veterans for careers in the auto repair business

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces -:- The architect heads off to Italy, where it seems the residents have also been bitten by the 'small buildings are beautiful' bug. The most spectacular place he visits is so high up in the mountains that it's only accessible by helicopter, but this difficulty is more than made up for by the views seen from it. Back in Britain, George meets a man turning a wrecked private jet into a crash pad and a Gypsy tattoo artist with big plans for an old railway carriage. George also challenges his pal, craftsman Will Hardie, to create a woodland retreat for less than the price of a family holiday

Gino's Italian Escape -:- Chef Gino D'Acampo returns to explore more of his native country, this time heading off the beaten track to meet people keeping age-old traditions alive, as well as showcasing the scenery and culture of these lesser-known parts of Italy. He begins in the central state of Abruzzo, learning about chitarra pasta, before heading along the historic Trabocchi coastline to meet a fisherman whose family use a traditional wooden machine for their livelihoods and then travelling into the mountains to meet Mauro, a farmer who also trains the local breed of sheepdog

Gino's Italian Escape -:- For the final leg of his journey, Gino D'Acampo takes a railway adventure to picturesque Lake Iseo, a hidden gem often overshadowed by its big sisters Garda and Como. He starts out angling for sardines, then takes his catch and prepares a dish of grilled fish for the passengers of Treno dei Sapore - a tourist train that takes guests along the lakeside and into the Franciacorta region. While they enjoy the views they also get a seven-course meal - with today's starter cooked by Gino

Gino's Italian Escape -:- Gino D'Acampo's latest leg begins in the Italian fashion capital of Milan, where he visits an elegant cocktail bar who were the first to introduce the idea of the aperitivo in the city. Its train station is one of the busiest in Europe and it's from here he travels on to the town of Treviglio, the home of Bianchi bikes - the first mass-manufactured bicycle in the world. Gino gets a tour of the factory before test riding one of their latest electric bikes alongside a group of local cyclists. Moving on, he visits the medieval town of Bergamo, where he meets ice-cream maker Niccolo, and visits a co-operative restaurant

Gogglebox -:- The armchair critics share their insightful, passionate and sometimes emotional critiques of shows aired in October 2018. Programmes under consideration include This Morning at the Royal Wedding of Princess Eugenie, The Great Model Railway Challenge, The Last Leg, Strictly Come Dancing, Killing Eve and Horizon - Avalanche: Making a Deadly Snowstorm

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Continuing his trek from Philadelphia to Jamestown, Michael Portillo arrives in the nation's capital, Washington, DC, centre of political power in the world's most powerful country. Steered by his Appleton's Guide of 1879, he admires its fine public buildings, including the largest library in the world, and discovers how the capital was built from scratch after a political compromise between north and south. After this, he travels on to Mount Vernon, exploring a former slave market and visiting an archaeological dig along the way

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo arrives at a milestone on his American journey as he reaches the boundary between the northern and southern states, known as the Mason-Dixon line. Beginning in Wilmington, North Carolina, he uncovers the history of gunpowder production in Delaware, before heading to Baltimore, where he discovers how the first American steam engine owed a lot to British technology. On the city's east coast, Michael visits the star-shaped Fort McHenry, and learns how the Star-Spangled Banner national anthem was born

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his great American trek, following his copy of Appleton's General Guide east from Manhattan to Long Island, and visits Brooklyn to hear the story of the construction of the world's first suspension bridge. Below ground, he investigates New York City's inaugural subway, and the dangers faced by the 'sandhogs' who built it. Progressing along the Long Island Railroad to Queens, Michael takes in an ambitious engineering project and a model town built by an Irish immigrant who became one of America's richest men. Later, he heads to the island's Gold Coast, where he relives the fun of 'the roaring twenties' at Oheka Castle, and concludes this leg of his trip at the Montauk lighthouse on Long Island's eastern-most tip

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo examines the history of the American rail network, using Appleton's General Guide to the United States and Canada of 1879 to plot his course. He begins on Manhattan Island and travels from Grand Central Terminal to the site of Ground Zero

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo follows America's iconic River Hudson, beginning at New York City's Penn Station, where he rides on the national rail carrier service, Amtrak. At Tarrytown, he hears a famous American ghost story, the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and on the east bank of the Hudson he stops at Garrison, where he hears about the greatest turncoat in American history. In Poughkeepsie, the presenter visits a university built just for women, before arriving in New York's state capital, Albany, where he samples Albany Ale and meets the State Senator

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels across New York state, discovering how General Electric also leads the way in rail technology and examining the story behind George Eastman's Kodak company. He then visits Buffalo and discovers the history behind its grain industry, followed by a trip to witness the awesome power and drama of Niagara Falls

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels through Philadelphia, and pays tribute to its fictional son, Rocky Balboa. He finishes the latest leg of his journey in Gettysburg, the most famous battlefield of the American Civil War, where President Abraham Lincoln made a momentous speech in 1863

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Armed with his Bradshaw's guide, Michael Portillo reaches Birmingham and discovers how a radical reformer made his mark on the 'city of a thousand trades'. At Highbury Hall, he finds Joseph Chamberlain's mansion home and hears how he established a political dynasty including a prime minister and a foreign secretary. Next stop is Cradley Heath, once one of five chain-making towns in the West Midlands. At the centre of Britain's ceramic industry in Stoke-on-Trent, Michael visits Wedgwood, established by 'Queen's Potter' Josiah Wedgwood in 1759 and visited in 1913 by King George V and Queen Mary

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Armed with his early 20th century Bradshaw's Guide, Michael Portillo sets off on the first leg of a trip through Britain's industrial heartlands in the footsteps of George V, beginning by travelling from Warrington to Preston

Great British Railway Journeys -:- At RAF Lakenheath, Michael Portillo discovers a slice of America dropped into the British countryside. In the market town of Brandon on the border between Norfolk and Suffolk, he visits Quorn Foods to find how a seemingly modern meat substitute emerged out of a post-war food crisis. Michael ends his journey in Cambridge, where he studied during the 1970s

Great British Railway Journeys -:- In Blackburn, Michael Portillo catches a rare glimpse of Edwardian life on celluloid and marvels at how factory workers and schoolchildren alike were drawn to seek fame on film. Continuing east to Nelson, Michael braves the enemy camp to have a pint of tea with the socialist working classes in Britain's last Clarion House

Great British Railway Journeys -:- In picturesque Snowdonia, Michael Portillo braves the fastest zip line in the world - stretching 1,500 feet across a vast slate quarry as he begins the last leg of his journey to Caernarfon. En route, he also visits the home of British mountaineering, Pen y Gwryd, to hear how an Edwardian journalist and poet created a climbing community, which grew to include men who would conquer Everest in the 1950s

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo begins the latest leg on the seafront at Felixstowe, where in January 1953 the town was engulfed in the worst flooding to hit England in the 20th century. In Norwich, he admires the Norman Cathedral, then traces the history of the postcode

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues following the route Queen Victoria took from Windsor Castle to the Isle of Wight, and reveals the oil fields hidden beneath some of England's seaside resorts. During his journey, he also explores the role the Dorset town of Weymouth played in the D-Day landings during the Second World War, and visits the site of Victorian Britain's most famous building rock in Portland

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey following George Bradshaw's footsteps, as the third leg of his trip from Preston to Kirkcaldy sees him embarking on a two-day tour of the Lake District. He begins in Windermere, where he travels by steamboat to the north of the lake, and continues to Claife viewing station, where he learns about the water pollution caused by increasing levels of tourism. He spends the night in Grasmere, and the following day reaches Kendal, where he buys local delicacies and meets a farmer who explains the impact of railways on farming practices

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey from Northern Ireland across the water to Scotland. Leaving from the seaport of Larne, he reaches Stranraer and the Mull of Galloway, where in a lighthouse built by railway engineer Robert Stevenson he discovers a magnificent machine, installed at the turn of the 20th century

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his post-war exploration of northwest England in Bradford, Shipley and Hebden Bridge. In Bradford's Centenary Square, he encounters local literary giant, JB Priestley. At Shipley station, Michael discovers a nature reserve in the middle of the car park. Finally the Calder Valley Line delivers the presenter to the photogenic station at Hebden Bridge

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues to follow the route of the Great Eastern Line, enjoying a ride on a miniature railway hidden beneath London. During his trip, he also rings the bells of Bow Church, and tries his hand at announcing at Fenchurch Street station

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the first leg of a journey to London from Buxton, Derbyshire, where he discovers how railways inspired a building craze and boosted tourism. In the Peak District, he joins a team of volunteers repairing damage done to ancient peat landscapes during the Industrial Revolution, and near the quarries of Stanton Moor he learns how trains transported Derbyshire's famous sandstone all over England

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the second leg of his journey from Buxton to London, stopping at Cromford, Derbyshire, where Bradshaw's railway guide reports Richard Arkwright built his original cotton mill. He also visits Derby to take a walk through Britain's first public park, and heads for Burton-on-Trent for a tour of Burton Bridges Breweries

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the second leg of his journey from Preston to Kirkcaldy, returning to the historic Settle-Carlisle line he helped save from dereliction when he was Minister of State for Transport in the 1980s. Here, engineer Tony Feshini describes what life was like for the people who originally built Ribblehead Viaduct, before Michael visits Dent, Cumbria, home to the highest railway station in England

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on the second leg of his journey from Swindon to Penzance. Starting in Yatton, he travels along a line that was once used to transport fresh strawberries across the country, but was closed by Dr Beeching in the 1960s. He also visits the Gough Cave in Cheddar Gorge to view the remains of the 9,000-year-old Cheddar Man - the oldest complete skeleton in Britain

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo falls into line with the University of Glasgow's Officer Training Corps, where he joins students for drill. The political pundit then heads west along the Firth of Clyde to Helensburgh, where he discovers a pioneering group of artists known as the Glasgow Boys. The idyllic West Highland Line takes Michael deep into the Highlands to Inveraray and the ancestral home of the Clan Campbell and Dukes of Argyll. Michael's final stop is Connel Ferry, near Oban, where, on the Achnacloich Estate, he discovers a Highland calf whose breed has become an icon of the Highlands

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo has a go at playing Winchester Cathedral's Victorian organ as he continues his tour of Britain's railways. He also goes behind the scenes at a rail works in Eastleigh that began operating in the 19th century, and travels to the Isle of Wight, one of Queen Victoria's favourite holiday destinations

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo journeys from Brockenhurst to Poole. He heads to the New Forest, where he seeks venomous adders, discovers a library in Wimborne containing rare books and visits 19th-century potteries that are still trading today

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo journeys from Glasgow to Cumbrae, learning about a forgotten Scottish expedition to the Antarctic and how one woman led a protest against high rents in the city

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo journeys from Maltby to Hinckley, going whippet racing and trying to understand the appeal of Marmite, before a look around the Triumph motorcycle factory

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo leaves Glasgow and travels to Carluke in Lanarkshire's Clyde Valley, where he meets Tom Clelland, who is trying to revive his family's fruit-growing business. On his way to Edinburgh, he learns about the vast range of items left on trains, before spending the night in the city's famous Balmoral Hotel. His journey ends in Kirkcaldy, where he explores the paintings donated to the local gallery by his grandfather John Blyth

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo reaches Carlisle, where he meets a descendant of the Border Reivers, a group of ancient lawless clansmen mentioned in Victorian train enthusiast George Bradshaw's book. From there, he travels to Gretna Green to learn about the village's famous marriage trade, explores an old Ministry of Defence munitions site, and visits the centre of Glasgow, which is enjoying a revival in popularity

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo retraces railway journeys made by Queen Victoria in the south of England, where she would travel from Windsor Castle in Berkshire to her summer retreat on the Isle of Wight. The first leg of the trip takes him from Windsor's railway station to Didcot in Oxfordshire, stopping along the way to view a structure designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in Maidenhead. He also tries to collect the mail in the manner of Victorian postal workers on a steam-powered travelling post office

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo sets off on a journey from Oxford, through the Malvern Hills toward south Wales. He gets a special view of the city of Oxford, and discovers a unique and colourful crop in the Cotswolds

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo sets off on the first leg of a journey across Northern Ireland to Argyll and Bute, beginning by travelling from Newry to Portadown

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo's journey from Buxton to London continues in Walsall, where he visits a leather business that still supplies the Queen with saddlery. He then explores how the centre of Birmingham has changed since Bradshaw's times, and is taught how to cook a curry by the owner of a leading Indian restaurant. Finally, he heads to the village of Bournville, where he learns how the railway transformed the fortunes of the Cadbury brothers

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo spends the night in a converted post office railway carriage before continuing his journey from Swindon to Penzance, heading for Par, where he meets miner Ivor Bowditch to explore the largest clay mine in the world. In Mevagissey he discovers how the methods for pilchard fishing have changed over the years, and on a visit to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, Michael learns about the 1,000-acre estate's history

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo's tour takes him to Alton, Hampshire, where he samples Victorian super food, explores Whitchurch Silk Mill, which has remained untouched for more than 150 years, and drives a steam train on the challenging Watercress Line

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels along Brunel's Great Western Railway, learning how mass tourism started in Swindon, before visiting Bath to discover the history of the famous spa baths. His last stop is Bristol, where he tries his hand at blowing blue glass

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels between Liverpool and Wales. Along the way he discovers a childhood favourite - a miniature tank engine with three carriages in dark red - made by Frank Hornby, and learns the story of a Welsh countess who lived in Gwrych Castle. In Snowdonia, he also rides the waves with a Welsh surfing champion

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from Epping, Essex, to Hackney in north-east London, discovering why dairy herds were transported by train all over Britain. He also finds out the importance of the gunpowder trade to Waltham Cross, and learns the gruesome details of the first murder to take place on a train

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from London's Docklands to the Barbican, examining the story of the arrival at Tilbury in 1948 of the Empire Windrush, which brought more than a thousand passengers from the Caribbean to work in Britain. In Limehouse, Michael reflects on the Labour Party's landslide victory at the post-war general election of 1945 and hears what drove new prime minister Clement Attlee to strive for social change

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo undertakes the last leg of his journey from Swindon to Penzance. He travels to Perran Sands, where he searches for the lost church of St Piran, a place believed to be one of the earliest Christian sites in England. In Redruth, he explores the remains of the Cornish tin industry, before heading to St Ives, where he spends the night in Treganna Castle. The former politician finishes his trip in Penzance, discovering how railways link remote communities to the rest of the country

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo ventures deep underground onto London's newest railway - the Elizabeth Line - enjoying a smooth ride from Paddington to Tottenham Court Road. Emerging into the sunshine in Bedford Square, Michael recalls the choking smogs which plagued the capital during the 1950s. He learns how smoke-free zones were introduced to tackle the problem and, high above the capital at the top of the BT Tower, discovers how the capital's air quality is monitored today

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits Heaton Park in Manchester, where one of the first open air concerts was held in 1909, before travelling on to the town of Oldham. Michael then ventures to Edale in the Peak District, where he joins ramblers in walking country, and learns how a Sheffield socialist spearheaded a mass trespassing revolt to open up the countryside to working people

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits several of London's most famous locations, beginning on the South Bank, where the 1951 Festival of Britain drew more than eight and a half million visitors to admire fantastical buildings designed to inspire and celebrate the best of British in art, science and industry. After a spin on the London Eye, built to celebrate the millennium, Michael takes the London Underground to Chelsea to find out about Elizabeth David, one of the most influential cookery writers of the 20th century, and also heads to Covent Garden and Regent's Park

Great British Railway Journeys -:- On a journey from Belfast to Portrush, Michael Portillo investigates the work of author and Narnia creator CS Lewis, and visits the Royal Portrush Golf Club

Great British Railway Journeys -:- On his journey from Swindon to Penzance, Michael Portillo explores Torquay, where he meets meteorologist David Braine to find out whether the town is Britain's warmest spot. He then takes a trip on the Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway, and spends the night at the Royal Castle Hotel in Dartmouth, where he learns about the town's naval past. After sailing up the River Dart he arrives in Totnes, and discovers the community's efforts to become more environmentally friendly

Great Coastal Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey across the vast and beautiful Morecambe Bay, where he joins one of the town's last shrimpers to find out how potted shrimp is made, From there, Michael makes his way to Arnside on the Furness Line, where he discovers a magnificently quirky 17th century garden, and across the Arnside viaduct, he reaches Cartmel and its 12th century priory and a Michelin-starred restaurant

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- Armed with his trusty 1913 Bradshaw's Continental Railway Guide, Michael Portillo ventures east through Romania to the shores of the Black Sea. Along the way he encounters a bloodsucking vampire in Transylvania and brown bears in the Carpathian forest, before visiting a fairytale castle with modern conveniences in Sinaia, striking oil in Ploiesti, tapping into the nation's musical soul in Bucharest and loading cargo from a crane in Constanta. This leg of his journey ends at Constanta, where Michael explores what is now emerging as Europe's largest grain port

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- In Vienna, Michael Portillo encounters a pre-Cold War spy and learns about the concert that caused a riot in 1913. He then travels the Habsburg imperial line across the Semmering Pass, a line blasted through the Alps. In Graz, the former politician ventures underground at the Lurgrotte Caves to find out about a famous rescue operation of the past, then in Slovenia discovers how an earthquake in Ljubljana prompted its citizens to assert their national identity in architecture and art. Arriving in the Italian port of Trieste, Michael savours the imported coffee that fuelled a cafe culture

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo embarks on a Greek odyssey from the Athens port of Piraeus, north to the city of Thessaloniki, exploring the Acropolis and sampling moussaka and baklava on the way. He also discovers the parlous state of Greek finances at the time of his 1913 Continental Railway Guide, and learns how an aristocratic English poet became a Greek national hero

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo experiences first-hand Italy's 'need for speed' in a state-of-the-art Maserati sports car, and discovers how the leaning tower of Pisa was rescued from near collapse. In Carrara, he finds out how the marble used by Michelangelo is still being quarried and is invited to chip away at a contemporary sculpture. Moving on to Bologna, the former politician embarks on a doomed search for spaghetti bolognese before being taught how to prepare a tagliatelle al ragu. Finally, he lets the wind rush through his hair on a high-speed boat trip across Lake Garda

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo traces the early 20th-century roots of the Spanish Civil War, which divided his family and sent his father into exile. The former politician discovers a nation fractured at the time by social tensions and regional loyalties, which today offer a rich diversity of cultures to delight the tourist. After arriving in Majorca from Barcelona, Michael spoils himself enjoying spectacular scenic views aboard a 1912 vintage railway and a 1913 tram. He also gets trampled underfoot at the bottom of a Catalan 'people steeple' and learns to make the perfect paella

Great Continental Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo ventures deep into the Black Forest, where he discovers how Hansel and Gretel helped to unify the German nation. A masterclass in carving cuckoo clocks demonstrates how the nation's reputation for quality and reliability in manufacturing was established. Later, at Goettingen University, the former politician discovers two sides of student life at the turn of the 20th century - the duelling fraternities and the ground-breaking scientists who laid the foundation of Germany's world-class transport technology

How It's Made -:- Examining the manufacture of airstream trailers, horseradish sauce, industrial steam boilers and deodorant

How It's Made -:- The development processed behind the creation of carbon fibre, railcar movers and hood ornaments. Plus, the techniques used in antique frame restoration

How It's Made -:- The manufacturing processes behind the creation of stile and rail doors, steam cleaners, hand-held pizzas and power brushes

Howl (2015) -:- A train leaves London on a dark and stormy night, only to come to a sudden halt in the middle of a forest when it collides with something on the tracks. The passengers must band together to survive the night when they discover a strange creature is lurking in the woods and is on the hunt for human prey. Horror, starring Ed Speleers and Holly Weston

How the West Was Won (1962) -:- Three generations of a pioneering family experience many ordeals and adventures in their endeavour to build a new life for themselves on the American frontier in the 19th century. Over the years, the family experiences the key events of the nation's history, including the gold rush, the Civil War, and the building of the railroads. Western, starring James Stewart, John Wayne, Gregory Peck, Henry Fonda, Debbie Reynolds, Lee J Cobb and Richard Widmark

Impossible Engineering -:- A look at the Qinghai-Tibet line, the highest railway in the world, providing an insight into the engineering challenges faced at high altitude and in bitterly cold temperatures

Inside the Steam Train Museum -:- Return of the documentary following life at Norfolk's Bressingham Steam Museum. To celebrate 60 years since the collection began, the locals are preparing for its anniversary steam gala event, and encounter a few problems along the way

Inside the Steam Train Museum -:- The gallopers roundabout receives some much-needed attention as the roof is replaced and the organ repaired before the start of the open season. Volunteer Mark takes his miniature traction engine out on a road run. The live steam model railway group work on their layout and run their model trains at Bressingham

Isle of Wight: Jewel of the South -:- The Island's High Sheriff, Kay Marriot, attends the annual Steam Fair where she tries her hand at Morris dancing with the Oyster Girls - an all-female Morris troupe. In Bembridge, John Attrill is the fifth generation of his family to work in his village's RNLI and he's hoping that his seven-year old-son Teddy will follow in his footsteps

I Survived a Crime -:- A man regrets confronting a group of young adults about smoking on a train when he is nearly beaten to death. A driver finds himself in trouble during a traffic jam

Japan Railway Journal -:- JR East is working to reduce travel times by increasing the speed of the Tohoku Shinkansen - see the latest developments of the ALFA-X and the environmental measures taken to reduce noise.

Japan Railway Journal -:- Various efforts are being made to revitalise stations with few users, including collaborating with private companies and local governments - see how these station buildings are being utilised.

Joanna Lumley's Trans-Siberian Adventure -:- The actress reaches the midway point of her 6,000-mile journey from Hong Kong to Moscow via the Trans-Siberian Railway, taking in the varied sights of Mongolia. She spends time with native nomads, and visits a giant statue of Genghis Khan, as well as a gold mine. She also heads to the nation's capital, Ulan Bator, where she tracks down the famous Mongolian throat-singers, before catching a train bound for Russia. However, making a start on the Siberian leg of her trek proves more difficult than Joanna expects when she experiences a spot of bother at the border

Kentucky Rifle (1956) -:- A wagon train carrying a shipment of rifles must make a perilous journey through hostile territory occupied by the Comanche Indians, who have their eyes on the guns. Western, starring Chill Wills and Lance Fuller

Killer in My Village -:- When a teenager disappears without trace at a Kent train station, painstaking forensic evidence is used to unmask her killer

Last Train from Gun Hill (1959) -:- A marshal discovers the man responsible for raping and killing his wife is actually the son of an old friend, setting the scene for a showdown. Western, starring Kirk Douglas, Anthony Quinn, Brian Hutton and Carolyn Jones

LEGO Hidden Side -:- The mission is simple: collect a package from the train station and bring it to JB. How come Jack and Parker flying through the air and fighting ghosts?

Lily's Driftwood Bay -:- Hatsie feels unwell, so Nonna volunteers to take over her deliveries. However, Nonna has never driven a train before and things fail to go according to plan

Murder, She Said (1961) -:- Elderly sleuth Miss Marple is travelling by rail when she witnesses a murder on a passing train. The police dismiss her claims, so she launches a private investigation and goes to work as a servant in the stately home where she believes the body is hidden. Agatha Christie mystery, starring Margaret Rutherford, Arthur Kennedy, Muriel Pavlow and James Robertson Justice

Nate Is Late -:- Nate and Malika are offered a free ride on a ghost train which turns out to be a cover to train young monsters

Nate Is Late -:- Nate and Malika meet Jin, a ninja who offers to train them. In order to become a master, he needs to prove he has students. Curious to see a real secret dojo, the kids agree.

Nazi Megastructures -:- How the Nazis' extensive rail network was put to its most dreadful purpose - transporting prisoners to the concentration camps for execution in vast numbers

Night Train to Lisbon (2013) -:- An academic impulsively pursues a woman he met by chance, leading to him abandoning his job to follow her to Lisbon. On the journey, he reads a book belonging to her, and is inspired by the philosopher who wrote it. He sets out to track down everyone who knew the author to discover the story of his life. Drama based on Pascal Mercier's novel, starring Jeremy Irons and Melanie Laurent

Ninjago: Dragons Rising -:- Computer-animated epic fantasy superhero sequel series. Lloyd frees Arin and Sora from the prison train and they escape with young dragon Riyu, who gives them a clue to find his home - when they return to the Ninja Cave to research Lloyd's maps, Sora repairs the Bounty and they travel to the land of Three Peaks to reunite Riyu with his clan. However, the Claws follow them and capture Riyu's matriarch, who grants Lloyd a mysterious new power to fight back...

Ninjago: Dragons Rising -:- Computer-animated epic fantasy superhero sequel series. Lloyd trains Arin and Sora by impersonating Master Wu, but his lessons won't stick, so Sora and Arin sneak out of the Monastery to go to the Crossroads Carnival and rescue Lobbo from Kreel - however, they uncover a much larger kidnapping plot while a villain named Dorama is using Whack Rats to create fireworks. Lloyd follows his students to the carnival... and a memorial to his missing teammates.

Oli Wyn -:- The steam train crew prepares the tracks as the Vale of Rheidol's steam train makes plans to venture out on its first journey following the winter

Pointless Celebrities -:- Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman host another star-studded round of the unorthodox general knowledge quiz, this time with a 'British Film' theme. The celebrities aiming to come up with the obscure answers are Quadrophenia stars Phil Daniels and Leslie Ash, Trainspotting and Shallow Grave actor Keith Allen, Gregory's Girl actress Clare Grogan, Mean Machine's Vas Blackwood, This is England's Thomas Turgoose, comedian, impressionist and screenwriter Phil Cornwell and Sally Thomsett, who played the youngest Waterbury sibling, Phyllis, in the 1970 adaptation of The Railway Children

Raaz (1967) -:- Kumar, who lives in Africa, keeps getting dreams of a railway station in India and goes there to try and find the reason behind it. However, he learns something unsettling.

Railroad Alaska -:- An earthquake threatens to bring the railroad to a standstill and derail a speeding freight train, and Steve races to build an emergency shelter to protect his baby

Railroad Alaska -:- A porcupine infestation threatens to leave Nancy and Jim without electricity, while an emergency crew battles blocked bridges on the railroad to make way for a shipment

Railroad Alaska -:- Jim and Nancy journey to an abandoned cabin and discover that a bear has taken up residence, while Cathy and Larry go in search of an emergency vehicle

Railroaded (1947) -:- A gangster connives with his girlfriend to rob his boss's illegal gambling operation, which is run out of her beauty parlour. The plan goes wrong, but the crook gets away, leaving an innocent bystander to take the blame. However, a detective on the case is not convinced and tries to get to the truth. Thriller, starring John Ireland, Sheila Ryan and Hugh Beaumont

Richard Hammond's Big -:- In this edition, Richard ventures beneath the Alps into the world's longest underground railway connection, the Brenner Base Tunnel

Rocky IV (1985) -:- The Italian Stallion agrees to help former champion Apollo Creed train for a match against a seemingly invincible boxer from the Soviet Union, only to see his friend die as a result of injuries sustained in the fight. Rocky vows to avenge him, and prepares to take on the Russian heavyweight in his own country. Drama sequel, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone. With Dolph Lundgren, Talia Shire, Carl Weathers and Brigitte Nielsen

Rocky V (1990) -:- The heavyweight champion is forced into retirement due to brain damage inflicted in the ring, and finds his fortune has been lost on the stock market by his accountant. Returning to his working-class roots, he trains an up-and-coming fighter, only to see his protege turn against him. Drama sequel, starring Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire and real-life boxer Tommy Morrison

Salvage Hunters -:- Drew Pritchard gets to drive a 1940s steam engine, and visits a country house to look for more potentially valuable items

Salvage Hunters -:- Drew Pritchard hopes to find some unwanted treasures as he travels to a steam museum in Norfolk. In Hereford, he is given privileged access to a collection

Salvage Hunters -:- In Monmouthshire at the UK's largest stockist of antique railwayana, modern day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard spots some amazing wagon signage. In Gloucestershire he finds a stunning Victorian card table

Salvage Hunters: The Restorers -:- The artisan restorers behind Drew Pritchard's antiques empire save an iconic Eames lounge chair. They also revive an unusual 90-year old oil lamp and a glamourous steam trunk

Salvage Hunters: The Restorers -:- Upholster Craig and sculptor Nick team up to restore some iconic Arne Jacobsen chairs. Plus, mechanic Bo uncovers a hidden past in a giant railway station clock

Say Yes to the Dress: UK -:- A bride wants a lace dress that has to have a long train and a big veil, while another customer insists her gown feature a big bow

Scotland's Home of the Year -:- Judges Anna Campbell Jones, Michael Angus and Banjo Beale choose an overall winner from the six regional finalists at Glasgow's iconic House For An Art Lover, designed by world-renowned architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The finalists are Snowdrop House in the North East and Northern Isles, Lochbay in Skye won for the Highlands and Islands, Manor House in the South, Old Manse in the Central region, Kirklee Mansion in Glasgow for the West, and Old Train House in Edinburgh for the East

Seconds from Disaster -:- An investigation into the 1999 Paddington train crash that killed 31 people, asking who was to blame and whether the accident could have been avoided

Secrets of the Railways -:- An exploration of the Harz Mountain Railway in Germany - Europe's longest rail network - which still uses steam locomotives and has a murky, hidden past

Secrets of the Railways -:- Documentary looking at railroads constructed during history's most turbulent periods, now associated with some of mankind's ugliest deeds. Beginning with the Trans-Pyrenees Railway

Secrets of the Underground -:- A legendary train filled with stolen Nazi gold is said to be hidden in Poland. Rob and Stefan explore deep under the earth's surface to uncover the truth

Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators -:- An energy tycoon hires Frank and Lu to keep an eye on his daughters, one of whom is going off the rails and the other is about to get married - but things quickly get out of hand

Sierra Passage (1950) -:- An orphan is adopted by the owner of a travelling Wild West show after his father is murdered. He grows up to be an expert marksman with a trick shooting act but remains obsessed with vengeance. When a train the performers are travelling on is held up by the killers, he vows to hunt them down. Western, starring Wayne Morris and Lola Albright

Storage Wars -:- Kenny's fear of sharks inspires a controversial wardrobe choice, Rene brings his bargain army along to try to intimidate the competition, while he gets his slice of the loot. Darrell won't take no for an answer, moving full steam ahead

Susan Calman's Grand Day Out -:- The comedian and her campervan hit the road for a trip to the Yorkshire valleys. At York Minster, she hears about how the people of Yorkshire saved the stunning stained glass during the Second World War. Susan also visits a teddy bear museum, Betty's cafe tea rooms, and takes a miniature steam train ride

Susan Calman's Grand Day Out -:- The comedian explores the historic city of Oxford and the Chilterns, an official Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. She gets her bearings at one of the best preserved 17th-century windmills in the world at Brill, and from there, the scholarly streets of Oxford beckon. Susan has always loved a model village and discovers that the Chilterns has the oldest in the world, complete with working model railway

Susan Calman's Grand Day Out -:- The presenter and her campervan Helen are heading back to an old favourite - Yorkshire. However, Susan finds that the dales and moors contain a few spots she hasn't explored - and a few surprises that are a joy to discover. Oakworth Station is one such place - home to a still functioning steam railway, it's the train station where the 1970s classic The Railway Children was filmed

The Big Bang Theory -:- Leonard and Amy are forced to take an unexpected road trip to Arizona to pick up Sheldon after his epic railway journey ends in chaos. Meanwhile, Howard finds Stuart's relationship with his mother strange, and Penny has an interview for a sales job at Bernadette's workplace. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory -:- Leonard and Penny ask Howard and Bernadette for advice when they argue about money. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Raj try to find out whether they could survive a dark matter research expedition in a salt mine by attempting to simulate the conditions in a steam tunnel beneath the university. Comedy, starring Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco

The Big Bang Theory -:- Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj discover actress Summer Glau is on their train while travelling to San Francisco. Desperate to discuss the Terminator TV series with her, the friends devise a number of plans to engage her in conversation. With Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar

The Dales -:- Adrian Edmondson revisits the Wildman family's farm in Kirkby Malham for the opening of the charcuterie, and follows the Dales tradition of the Burning of the Bartle in West Witton, where an effigy of a sheep stealer is paraded through the streets and set alight. He also finds out about the fundraising plans of Wensleydale Railway general manager Nigel Park

The Dales -:- Midwife Chris Warren visits an expectant mother in Masham, while drummer Mike Naylor of the Swale Valley Stompers invites his grand-daughter Charlotte to join the jazz band for a concert at the Harrogate Flower Show. Adrian Edmondson finds out whether the Wensleydale Railway volunteers have realised their dream of opening up the disused line between Leeming Bar and Northallerton

The Dales -:- Wensleydale Railway general manager Nigel Park and his team of volunteers put on an event to raise money to open up the old line between Leeming Bar and Northallerton, which would connect the Dales to the East Coast mainline. Adrian Edmondson spends a day with vet Amy Swales on her rounds in the Swaledale area, while the Wensleydale Young Farmers are given a lesson in the art of auctioneering by expert Maurice Scott

The Flying Scotsman -:- During its lifetime, the Flying Scotsman has broken records, travelled the world, starred in a movie and even bankrupted its owners. Engineer Rob Bell presents the first of a two-part documentary charting the history of the world's most famous steam locomotive, looking at why has it inspired such affection among steam fans and still attracts huge crowds wherever it goes

The Flying Scotsman: Pride of Britain -:- Engineer Rob Bell charts the story of the world's most famous steam locomotive. Why, almost a century old, does she still attract huge crowds wherever she goes?

The Graham Norton Show -:- Graham presents his traditional end-of-year show, joined by guests Michael Sheen, appearing in Sky Cinema's Last Train to Christmas, Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain, the star and producer of female spy film The 355. British actor Claire Foy talks about quirky biopic The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage chats about playing Cyrano de Bergerac in Joe Wright's new adaptation Cyrano, while The Good Fight's Cush Jumbo reflects on her role in Harlan Coben drama Stay Close. Top comic Joe Lycett lightens the mood, promoting his UK tour More, More, More. Plus, the Divine Comedy perform their classic Something for the Weekend and there are some final stories from the Big Red Chair to round off the year

The Horse Soldiers (1959) -:- A Union cavalry officer is ordered to demolish a railway junction in the middle of Confederate territory, but finds his authority constantly challenged by a military surgeon assigned to accompany him. John Ford's Western, based on an actual Civil War incident, starring John Wayne, William Holden, Constance Towers, Hoot Gibson and Anna Lee

The Incident (1967) -:- Two crooks take a New York subway train hostage, while the passengers are too wrapped up in their own problems to fight back. Crime thriller, starring Tony Musante and Martin Sheen

The Last Alaskans -:- As the end of winter approaches, the residents look toward to the future. Bob trains Ruger to be a hunting dog, while Ray prepares for a life without his daughters

The Middle -:- The Hecks learn that Aunt Edie has passed away and board a train with the body to take her to her final resting place. Meanwhile, Axl starts to believe that he was responsible for her death. American comedy, starring Charlie McDermott

The Nile with Bettany Hughes -:- Bettany visits the west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor where, for 500 years, the Ancient Egyptians buried their pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings, among them the boy-king Tutankhamun. However, the historian crosses the local hills to the Workers' Village, where generations of skilled royal tomb-builders lived. As it turns out, they also dumped masses of domestic rubbish, which is now giving some insight into the highs, lows and preoccupations of ancient Egyptians. Bettany then heads south on the Nile's oldest steam ship SS Sudan, which inspired Agatha Christie to write Death on the Nile

The Royal -:- Dr Cheriton has the unenviable task of informing a patient she has little time to live, and the situation soon prompts a hasty wedding ceremony. Arriving at the scene of an accident at the railway station, Dr Ormerod is forced to make a drastic decision, but an oncoming train signals disaster. Medical drama, starring Julian Ovenden, Robert Daws, Bill Maynard and Amy Robbins

The Train at Platform 5 -:- The social history of Kings Cross rail workers with stories from coal-shovelling firemen on 1950s steam trains to Wilston Jackson, the UK's first Black train driver

The Train Robbers (1973) -:- A thief's grieving widow persuades a gunslinger to help her find a cache of her husband's stolen gold and return it to the rightful owners. However, a group of Mexican bandits and a mysterious stranger are also after the loot. Western, starring John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Rod Taylor and Ben Johnson

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard -:- Preparations are under way for Yorkshire Day, including a special Yorkshire-themed Pullman service, with Gill and husband Paul getting hands-on sorting out the event. There is also another big occasion on the horizon and Tim is organising the wedding of head boilersmith Mark and his equally steam-mad fiancée Emma. Their love blossomed because of mutual passion for steam, and in particular the B1, so they want the engine to pull them on their wedding train, but issues with the engine means it might miss the big day

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard -:- The annual Gala Festival is staged, showcasing steam engines from up and down the country. As part of the events, the North York Moors Railway has agreed to swap its precious 100-year-old Q6 engine, the last example in the world, with an engine from the Severn Valley heritage railway. However, there is a problem as the Q6 is undergoing a two-year overhaul and is not ready. A crack has been found in the engine box, and there is no specialist steam copper welder available at short notice to fix it. If the Q6 cannot be sent to the Severn Valley, the entire festival may be ruined

To End All Wars (2001) -:- Four PoWs learn to rely on one another for support while they are held captive by Japanese forces during the Second World War, and made to build a railway through the stifling Burmese jungle. Fact-based drama, starring Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland, Ciaran McMenamin and Mark Strong

Train Cruise -:- The Hisatsu Orange Railway connects Kumamoto and Kagoshima, where waves crest bountiful fishing grounds and a variety of citrus trees dot the area - meet the residents who eke a living from the seas.

Trains That Changed the World -:- How China has developed one of the world's fastest high speed rail networks, allowing 75 million people across the country to reach Shanghai within an hour

Trains That Changed the World -:- How the rise of train travel between cities led engineers to consider how to travel within them - leading to the development of the London Underground

Trains That Changed the World -:- How the steam train reached the height of its importance in Europe just as fresh innovations were being made in America, with groundbreaking trains like the Burlington Zephyr

Trains That Changed the World -:- The historical importance of freight trains, including four-mile-long vehicles transporting enough iron ore to build two Eiffel towers

Trains That Changed the World -:- The railroads ended slavery in the USA, but trains can be agents of oppression too. The British Empire built railways to rule the world, enabling it to control the empire

Trains That Changed the World -:- The stories behind the most important trains in history and their impact on the world, beginning with a look at the first locomotives during the Industrial Revolution

Walks Around Britain -:- Andrew White treks up The Great Orme in North Wales and beside a railway in West Yorkshire

Wonders of the World I Can't See -:- Chris McCausland is joined by comedian and presenter Tom Allen in Rome, where they eat ice cream before it melts, zip around the city on a rickety Vespa, train to be gladiators, learn to sing opera and make pasta from scratch. And will Tom's one-of-a-kind commentary do the Colosseum justice for Chris?


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