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The Weekly Poser: Where is this?

This town was well served by railways in this 1950s map. Where is it?

Last week's Where is this?

The 13:04 to XXXXXXXX was photographed today at this fine station with its huge Station Hotel behind. Where is it? Bonus question: Where is "XXXXXXXX"?

Answer: Dumfries ["XXXXXXXX" = Carlisle]. Congratulations are due to the following for their correct answers: Paul Hopper, Dave Goodyear, Peter Tisdale, Gordon Sutton

Dumfries is a typically solid-looking Scottish town, and acts as the gateway to Galloway. The former Glasgow & South Western Railway was lucky to survive - the Waverley line through Hawick didn't - but the former route for the boat trains to Stranraer, which peeled off at Dumfries, closed in 1965. Anyway, the ships to Northern Ireland now use the former military port at Cairnryan, which briefly had a rail connection. It was built in 1941 by American "little green men" wearing civvies (prior to the US joining the War), but closed 1960. Other lost lines at Dumfries are the Cairne Valley Railway to Moniaive in a north-westerly direction (1905-47) and the Caledonian Railway's spur from Lockerbie (1860-1966).

Water traffic across the Solway Firth was originally more important than the railways. Coal came from Cumberland the few short miles across the estuary and energised Galloway. The Solway Firth Viaduct was built to seize the traffic, but its design was a failure (closed by 1930).

Dumfries station previously had two northbound bay platforms and a single-track through line. We see both in this Gordon Grubb photo 28th May 1985, courtesy of the RCTS Photo Archive. Loco is Class 47/4 No. 47 436.

The 13:04 Carlisle train last week was formed of four cars, though the platforms are capable of handling many more. It started at Kilmarnock, due to an engineering blockade between Glasgow Central and Kilmarnock. The picture below is a 2-car unit heading north a few minutes earlier. The Station Hotel is now working exclusively (under a government contract) to accommodate refugees.

Dumfries was home of the fashionable Hunter boots (recently gone bust) as worn by my daughter. Queen of the South F.C. - the Doonhamers - represent the town in Scotland's football league. The poet Rabbie Burns (1759-96) died in Dumfries aged just 37, and his veneration has created a leading industry for the town, including museums, a statue of his wife etc.


UK television listings with a transport theme for the next eight days

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911 Crisis Centre -:- As Jackie trains rookie Hayley, together they face back-to-back carjackings at a gas station and a possible overdose

Abandoned Engineering -:- An abandoned railway station near a town in Spain that is home to just 500 people and a record-breaking Arctic facility that goes deep below the surface

Abandoned Engineering -:- A town in West Virginia that fell victim to the pace of change when steam trains became obsolete and an underground complex in Italy that had been abandoned for nearly 2,000 years

Abandoned Engineering -:- The world's most impressive disused railway bridges, including the biggest wooden trestle bridge in the world, which was closed down due to hurricane damage

A Bullet for the General (1966) -:- An American traveller finds himself drawn into all manner of violent adventures when he ill-advisedly heads for Mexico. His train is held up by bandits who are collecting weapons and money for revolutionary activities, and he ends up joining them - but a dark secret looks set to place him in serious danger. Spaghetti Western, starring Klaus Kinski, Gian Maria Volonte and Lou Castel. In Italian

Adults Only -:- Sex doll manufacturers, husband and wife team, Jade and Elliot launch a new custom dildo product line, while Dominatrix mistress Sofia trains a new apprentice in spanking, and 19-year-old escort Ellie leaves her home town of Nottingham in search of richer pickings from clients with deeper pockets

Air Crash: Disasters Uncovered -:- The 1986 case of a freight train that collided with a passenger locomotive in Hinton, Canada, resulting in the deaths of 23 people. Investigators try to find out how the two vehicles ended up on the same track

Air Crash Investigation -:- How a calculation error left the crew of a freight train unaware of its true weight, leading them to underestimate the amount of braking force it needed

Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks -:- When Alvin sees every celebrity with their own personal bodyguard, he decides to train Theodore for the job

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- Conductor Jay and engineer Mike embark on a crucial cargo run from Hearst to Cochrane. Along the way, they must pick up a 2,500-tonne load of newsprint

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- The extreme conditions threaten to derail precious cargo. The dedicated and skilled team control the massive freight train, but they face plenty of disruption

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- The Polar Bear Express battles extreme weather to reach the town of Moosonee. Among its passengers is a blind American Cocker Spaniel named Maggie

Arctic Ice Railroad -:- The Polar Bear Express is often the only way to reach the frozen town of Moosonee. A group of explorers board this train for its hazardous journey

Armageddon (1998) -:- Nasa discovers an asteroid the size of Texas is on a collision course with Earth, so a drilling expert is recruited to train a team of misfits to transport a nuclear device into outer space to destroy it - but having had no experience of space travel, the reluctant astronauts find themselves seriously out of their depth. Sci-fi thriller, with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Michael Clarke Duncan, Billy Bob Thornton and Steve Buscemi

Bobo -:- Animated series. Bobo takes his first train ride, but gets scared when the train drives through dark tunnels.

Britain's Most Expensive Houses -:- Sales broker Diana tries to convince property developer Kam that she's the right person to sell his £30million mega-home in Mayfair which boasts a swimming pool, a gym, a steam room and a glass lift. Christine enlists the help of fellow sales brokers Tessa and Amy to help close a deal on a Grade I listed Georgian townhouse in Bath and a modern country home just outside Henley. In London, Aoife has secured the listing for a new development of 15 apartments in Bayswater with a combined potential sales value of £65million and Natalie thinks she might have found the first sale

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid -:- Documentary about the 1890s Wild West duo who robbed trains and banks and soon became national news, focusing on who Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh actually were

Caught on Camera -:- Documentary featuring real-life footage - from the funny to the dramatic - showing what can go wrong both on and off the train tracks. From shocking near-misses and devastating derailments to rush-hour rage and unique on-board entertainment, all captured on cameras and phones and told by the people who witnessed and survived them. Plus, psychologists and industry experts discuss train-related anxieties and situations that passengers could experience in and around the railways

Caught Red Handed -:- A series of crimes drives businesses off the rails in Devon, and a snooker club barman turns detective when two strangers come in and steal money meant for a charity

Channel Tunnel: Life On The Inside -:- With up to 400 trains a day on its 62 miles of track, the channel tunnel is the busiest railway system in the world - and doing things at the double is key to its success

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris sets out on a mission to cross three former Soviet republics entirely by rail in just one week, travelling through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and uncovering amazing stories and dark secrets from the region's past. He begins in Narva, Estonia, before heading to the capital Tallinn on the country's oldest railway, built by German nobles to connect the Russian imperial capital St Petersburg with Estonia's ports, then travelling through Latvia and Lithuania and heading to the Russian border on a revolutionary new line

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- Chris Tarrant explores five countries that were part of Yugoslavia, which had an extensive state-run railway network before its break-up in the 1990s and the Balkan Wars of Independence that followed. From Slovenia, Chris heads east along an old Austro-Hungarian railway that was once used by the Orient Express, pays a visit to a very unusual railway-related battlefield in Bosnia and rides on one of the world's great mountain railways on his way to the Serbian capital Belgrade before finishing his journey in Montenegro

Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railway Journeys -:- The broadcaster travels from the west of Morocco to the east, heading into the desert on a mission to find out whether a railway line once crossed the Sahara all the way to Timbuktu in Mali. He begins in Marrakesh, taking in Casablanca and Fez before visiting a town that he is convinced has been named in his honour

Criminal Minds -:- The team investigates a string of murders in Philadelphia, and the search for the killer points toward the city's boxing scene. Meanwhile, Hotch makes a connection with an attractive runner as they train for a triathlon. Charles S Dutton (Roc), Shawn Hatosy (Southland) and Bellamy Young (Dirty Sexy Money) guest star

Criminals: Caught on Camera -:- Met Police helicopter India 99 is called to help rescue a woman who jumped into the Thames near the Palace of Westminster, as well as her two daughters, who leapt in after her. Elsewhere, the helicopter team coordinates a risky game of cat-and-mouse as police chase a group of graffiti artists across live train tracks in a patch of industrial wasteland in Battersea. The episode also looks at the case of the Hounslow Slasher, a man who in 2012 randomly attacked lone women while they were travelling home at night. Nick Wallis presents

Dad's Army -:- A land mine cuts off all power and communications services in Walmington-on-Sea, but Captain Mainwaring rises to the challenge by declaring martial law - while Pike gets stuck on some iron railings. Vintage comedy first broadcast in 1974, starring Arthur Lowe and Ian Lavender

Dad's Army -:- Captain Mainwaring and his platoon are ordered to clear the area for a major army exercise - but encounter a problem in the shape of a steam engine blocking the path. Classic comedy first broadcast in 1974, starring Arthur Lowe

Dad's Army -:- Captain Mainwaring and the platoon are asked to provide a guard of honour for a royal train carrying George VI that is passing through Walmington-on-Sea, but another locomotive confounds their plans. Classic comedy first broadcast in 1973, starring Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier and Clive Dunn

David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles -:- The actor continues his American journey in dramatic fashion, riding a Wild West stagecoach and vintage locomotive, goes dune buggy do-lally and launches an impressive rocket

David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles -:- The actor discovers the machines that made America. Here, he samples the luxury of 1930s aviation, drives the car that changed the world and climbs aboard a vintage steam train

David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles -:- The actor flies into the heart of a volcano, gets a surprise in a drag-racing car, hits the road with an American trucker and takes to the skies in a vintage Second World War plane

David Jason: Planes, Trains and Automobiles -:- The actor takes a vintage school bus trip, rides a San Francisco cable car, meets a legendary motorcycle club and takes to the air in a vintage military helicopter

Destroyed in Seconds -:- Heavy rains flood Utah and destroy neighbourhoods and an eight storey building collapses in the Filipino capital Manila. Plus, trains crash at a dangerous intersection and a stealth bomber interrupts a picnic

Doctor Thorne -:- Julian Fellowes' three-part adaptation of Anthony Trollope's historical novel, starring Tom Hollander as a doctor who is forced to tell his niece the secrets of her past when she is barred from attending her best friend's wedding. The truth threatens her own plans to marry the heir to a country estate, and the mother of her intended plots to push her son in the direction of an American heiress. Meanwhile, the doctor also advises a railway tycoon who is drinking himself into an early grave. With Alison Brie, Ian McShane and Rebecca Front

Doctor Thorne -:- Sir Roger falls seriously ill. Dr Thorne does his best to ease the old man's pain, but feels certain that he will die soon. The railway entrepreneur's son Louis comes to see him in his last days, and to the doctor's horror, takes an immediate liking to Mary. Meanwhile, Miss Dunstable urges Frank to follow his heart despite increasing pressure from Lady Arabella to put his family's future ahead of his feelings in matters of marriage. Adaptation of Anthony Trollope's novel, starring Tom Hollander and Ian McShane

Dragonfly Squadron (1954) -:- Major Matthew Brady is assigned to train South Korean troops in preparation for combat, but the appearance of an American woman who he was once close to marrying proves to be a distraction. Drama, starring John Hodiak, Barbara Britton and Bruce Bennett

Dredd (2012) -:- An uncompromising law enforcer in a post-apocalyptic city is assigned to train a psychic new recruit. A report of three murders leads them to a tower block dominated by a ruthless drug lord, only for the gangster to seal off the building, forcing them to fight their way out. Sci-fi thriller based on the 2000AD comic-strip, starring Karl Urban, Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby

Edwardian Farm -:- Spring sees the daffodil harvest, accompanied by a rush to get the flowers off to the train station so they can be delivered to towns and cities across the country within hours of being picked. Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn go to Dartmoor for the annual pony trek, and use the occasion to purchase one of the beasts for the farm. However, before their new pony is fit for work, he needs to be trained, and the farmers hire American horse whisperer Mike Branch for the job. Meanwhile, the arrival of new lambs is followed by a pleasant surprise for Ruth Goodman in the run-up to Mother's Day

Everybody Loves Raymond -:- Ray thinks something is wrong and confides in Debra when he has a miserable night with his friends, but an invitation to join Frank for a steam bath restores his spirits. Comedy, starring Ray Romano and Peter Boyle

Fireman Sam -:- Norman tries to train Radar to be a sheepdog but fails miserably, causing Woolly and her lamb to run out into the road and making Mike Flood's van tip over

First Dates -:- Train driver Dean admits he is terrible at reading signals when it comes to love. Will veterinary nurse Celine help him get his love life back on track? Ex-boy band member Jay and call centre manager Brett reveal surprising truths from their respective pasts, while primary school teacher Richard tries to win over criminal justice worker Jess with a letter from one of his pupils

Four in a Bed -:- The contestants head to Lynton in north Devon, where they stay at Alistair and Emma Mundell's four-star Castle Hill Guesthouse. The pair only opened the B&B three months prior to the competition, and hope to impress with their recently renovated rooms, but Brigitte Tee proves hard to win over. Two of their guests are also forced to overcome their fears during a trip on a Victorian cliff railway

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces -:- In Cumbria, the architect meets Harry, who wants to take a derelict Victorian railway signal box and turn it into a garden summerhouse for his home, while in Derby, 22-year-old wood carver Sophie hopes to transform a campervan into a mobile home and showroom to use to sell her wares at festivals. On his Italian road trip, George discovers a spectacular house made almost entirely out of glass near Lake Lugano, and at the wilderness retreat, he and Will struggle to get the walls right

Gino's Italian Escape -:- Chef Gino D'Acampo returns to explore more of his native country, this time heading off the beaten track to meet people keeping age-old traditions alive, as well as showcasing the scenery and culture of these lesser-known parts of Italy. He begins in the central state of Abruzzo, learning about chitarra pasta, before heading along the historic Trabocchi coastline to meet a fisherman whose family use a traditional wooden machine for their livelihoods and then travelling into the mountains to meet Mauro, a farmer who also trains the local breed of sheepdog

Gino's Italian Escape -:- Gino's train journey takes him on a star-studded line-up of Tuscan cities. He begins in Pisa, famous for its leaning tower, and also home of the Vespa scooter, which gives the chef the ideal way to explore the city, before he hops back on the train toward the medieval city of Lucca, the birthplace of composer Puccini. Here, he meets master violin-maker Fabio and rustles up a vegetarian asparagus dish. His final stop is Florence, where he meets Cecilia, one of a network of local cooks keeping traditional recipes alive by opening up her kitchen to guests from all over the world

Gino's Italian Escape -:- The chef leaves Verona on one of Italy's super-fast trains and heads to Lake Garda, the biggest of the Italian lakes. Here he meets a team of rowers training for their annual regatta. After trying his hand at rowing, Gino cooks up a hearty sausage and bean casserole, before jumping on the train and heading to the city of Bolzano. There he creates a deconstructed apple crumble

Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey north on the Alaskan Railroad as he reaches to the quaint town of Talkeetna, where he helps fell a tree to clear land for a log cabin in a forest outside of town. From Talkeetna, Michael boards the Hurricane Turn, before arriving at the Denali National Park, crowned by the highest peak in the United States

Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo is in Anchorage, preparing to join the US Arctic Warriors for parachute-training at joint forces base Elmendorf-Richardson. The role of the military in Alaska since its purchase from Russia in 1867 underlines to him the strategic importance of the 49th state in two World Wars

Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo reaches the end of the Alaskan Railroad as he finally arrives in Fairbanks, less than 200 miles from the Arctic Circle, where he meets scientists who study the Northern Lights. From Fairbanks, Michael travels to Juneau, where he researches the life of the remarkable author of his Appleton's, Eliza Scidmore

Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo returns to explore more of the US rail network, this time heading across the state of Alaska to examine the lives and customs of its inhabitants while armed with his 1899 Appleton's Guide-Book to Alaska, written by intrepid 19th-century explorer Eliza Ruhamah Scidmore

Great Alaskan Railroad Journeys -:- Traversing British Columbia, Michael Portillo arrives in Skagway by seaplane from railwayless Juneau. He then heads further north for Dyea and the Chilkoot trail, which the first gold prospectors hiked a century ago to the Klondike. Among them was author Jack London, whose stories of sled dogs captured the spirit of the gold rush. After continuing his journey by rail along Lake Bennett to Carcross, Michael explores the art of the First Nations and helps to carve a totem pole. Then he's invited to shake his tail feathers in a 'grouse' dance

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- In Lawrence, Kansas, Michael Portillo joins the Jayhawks basketball team in the famous Allen Field house stadium with energetic encouragement from their cheerleaders, before travelling through Tornado Alley to Topeka to meet one of the first storm chasers in America. Driving out on the Great Plains, Michael learns about the Tallgrass Prairie and comes face to face with a herd of wild buffalo

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- In Montreal, Michael Portillo discovers how French and British colonial roots have influenced the city's construction, cuisine and culture. Undaunted by his guidebook's description of the treacherous Lachine Rapids, the one-time MP gets a thorough soaking on a white-knuckle boat ride down the St. Lawrence River. In the Canadian capital, Ottawa, Michael visits the country's parliament to hear about the birth of the new nation after Confederation in 1867. And at Ottawa's historic Central Experimental Farm, Michael hears of the pioneering discoveries, which launched a Canadian wheat boom

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey westwards across the United States, discovering the hidden pleasures of 19th-century railroad workers in Sedalia and learning more about the birthplace of ragtime. He then travels to Paola, Kansas, where he auctions livestock and dines on spare ribs, before reaching his destination in St Joseph, Missouri

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his rail journey along the Upper Mississippi to Red Wing, Minnesota, and the home of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of Little House on the Prairie. Picking up the Empire Builder rail service he travels to Winona, where he finds out how, in the 19th century, the US Army Corps of Engineers made the Mississippi navigable and how the river is maintained today

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues through southern California aboard the Coast Starlight rail service. In the port of Monterey, he discovers the city's Spanish and Mexican heritage, before heading to Paso de Robles, where he tours Hearst Castle, dream home of the newspaper baron, William Randolph Hearst. In the hills of Morro Bay, Michael joins avocado farmer, Jim Shanley, amid his 4,000 avocado trees to harvest the pears and learn how to make guacamole. Arriving in Los Angeles, Michael heads for the Warner Brothers studio, founded on Sunset Boulevard

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo heads for Plymouth, where he learns about the indigenous tribes of Wampanoag people, before boarding the Cape Cod Central heritage bound for Hyannis. Finally, he makes his way to the island of Nantucket, where he discovers how New Englanders made vast fortunes from whale oil, before heading to join conservationists and whale watchers at sea

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo reaches Colorado, where he follows in the footsteps of 19th-century east coast men who came to experience the cowboy life. At Bent's Old Fort, he is transported back to the Mexican American War of 1848 and finds himself inspecting the troops, before heading out into the spectacular gorge of the Arkansas River aboard the historic narrow gauge Royal Gorge Railroad

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo's rail voyage continues through Connecticut heading north through the scenic New England states. In New Haven, a crash course in rowing takes place on a stretch of water where college teams from Yale and Harvard have battled for victory since 1852. Making tracks north to Vermont, Michael experiences 19th-century rural farm life, when its green pastures made it the butter capital of the world

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels through Minneapolis and St Paul, where he learns how the power of the Mississippi helped Minneapolis become a great industrial centre. Later in St Paul, he explores the birthplace of F Scott Fitzgerald, and meets with a Native American expert to discover more about a dark chapter in American history

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels through New Mexico, watching rehearsals at the Santa Fe Opera House and learning about a Lancashire railroad caterer who made his fortune. He then sets off from Albuquerque to pick up Arizona's Grand Canyon Railway as heads off to witness one of the greatest sights on Earth

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, learning how surgery was first made bearable in 1846 by a miraculous new substance. In Salem, he gets a taste of the witch hunts and the hysteria that gripped the town in the 17th century, before visiting the former home of Little Women author Louisa May Alcott in Concord

Great American Railroad Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits Yosemite National Park in California, beholding its towering granite cliffs, giant sequoia trees and cascading waterfalls. He then heads to the University of California's seismology department to hear about the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake, which claimed the lives of approximately 3,000 people and destroyed more than 80 per cent of the city

Great British Railway Journeys -:- From Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, Michael Portillo heads to the castle of Eastnor at the foot of the Malvern Hills. He also visits Coleford in the Forest of Dean, Slimbridge in Gloucestershire, and Bristol Temple Meads. From there he heads to Filton to investigate the centre of Britain's post-war aviation industry

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues following the route Queen Victoria took from Windsor Castle to the Isle of Wight, and reveals the oil fields hidden beneath some of England's seaside resorts. During his journey, he also explores the role the Dorset town of Weymouth played in the D-Day landings during the Second World War, and visits the site of Victorian Britain's most famous building rock in Portland

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his journey along the Great Eastern Line, which ventures from the edge of England to the heart of London. In this leg, he examines the Victorians' fascination with the Suffolk village of Dunwich, Britain's answer to Atlantis, and discovers how nearby Felixstowe became home to the UK's biggest container port

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues to follow the route of the Great Eastern Line, enjoying a ride on a miniature railway hidden beneath London. During his trip, he also rings the bells of Bow Church, and tries his hand at announcing at Fenchurch Street station

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo discovers micro-mines hidden in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, and finds out why the Victorians were so enamoured with Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley along the border between England and Wales. Plus, he investigates the railway engineering behind the Newport Transporter Bridge

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo explores the scenery of rural and coastal Scotland as he travels from Stirling to John O'Groats. On the first leg of his journey, he learns about a Scottish hero, visits a Highland Games and discovers how an impressive piece of Victorian engineering ended in tragedy

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo follows in the footsteps of engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel as he travels from London to Newton Abbot in Devon. He begins by taking a trip from Paddington station to Warminster in Wiltshire, along the way learning about a Victorian asylum, giving a historic horse a facelift and making malt the 19th-century way

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo has a go at playing Winchester Cathedral's Victorian organ as he continues his tour of Britain's railways. He also goes behind the scenes at a rail works in Eastleigh that began operating in the 19th century, and travels to the Isle of Wight, one of Queen Victoria's favourite holiday destinations

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo journeys from Brockenhurst to Poole. He heads to the New Forest, where he seeks venomous adders, discovers a library in Wimborne containing rare books and visits 19th-century potteries that are still trading today

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo reaches Warwickshire, where he gets a glimpse of the work being done for the new HS2 railway infrastructure. In Stratford-upon-Avon he learns about the founding of the Royal Shakespeare Company, before a visit to Birmingham, where he recalls the redevelopment of the city centre during the 1960s and the arrival of black and Asian communities

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo retraces railway journeys made by Queen Victoria in the south of England, where she would travel from Windsor Castle in Berkshire to her summer retreat on the Isle of Wight. The first leg of the trip takes him from Windsor's railway station to Didcot in Oxfordshire, stopping along the way to view a structure designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel in Maidenhead. He also tries to collect the mail in the manner of Victorian postal workers on a steam-powered travelling post office

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo's 1930s Bradshaw's-inspired railway tour continues in north Wales. In Colwyn Bay, Michael hears how an army of civil servants from the Ministries of Food and Agriculture in London invaded the quiet seaside town, before visiting an amusement park in the holiday resort of Rhyl. Crossing the Menai Strait by the Britannia Bridge, Michael arrives on Anglesey and the elegant seat of the Marquesses of the island

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo sets off on a journey from Oxford, through the Malvern Hills toward south Wales. He gets a special view of the city of Oxford, and discovers a unique and colourful crop in the Cotswolds

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo starts off in Invergordon on the final leg of his journey to John O'Groats. Along the way, he learns how one man's vision helped bring train travel to the Highlands, discovers how farming has changed since Bradshaw's day and hears the remarkable tale of Scotland's Victorian gold rush

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo stops in Wolverhampton, where he finds out about the impact of Enoch Powell's 1968 speech. He also visits Kingsford Country Park on the outskirts of Kidderminster, investigates pigeon-racing in Worcester, and eventually looks into Cheltenham's jazz festival

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo's tour takes him to Alton, Hampshire, where he samples Victorian super food, explores Whitchurch Silk Mill, which has remained untouched for more than 150 years, and drives a steam train on the challenging Watercress Line

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from Epping, Essex, to Hackney in north-east London, discovering why dairy herds were transported by train all over Britain. He also finds out the importance of the gunpowder trade to Waltham Cross, and learns the gruesome details of the first murder to take place on a train

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from London's Docklands to the Barbican, examining the story of the arrival at Tilbury in 1948 of the Empire Windrush, which brought more than a thousand passengers from the Caribbean to work in Britain. In Limehouse, Michael reflects on the Labour Party's landslide victory at the post-war general election of 1945 and hears what drove new prime minister Clement Attlee to strive for social change

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from Salisbury in Wiltshire to Castle Cary, Somerset, visiting a world-famous tourist spot that has been captivating visitors since the Victorian era. He also takes to the air in Yeovil and tries his hand at clothmaking the 19th-century way

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo ventures deep underground onto London's newest railway - the Elizabeth Line - enjoying a smooth ride from Paddington to Tottenham Court Road. Emerging into the sunshine in Bedford Square, Michael recalls the choking smogs which plagued the capital during the 1950s. He learns how smoke-free zones were introduced to tackle the problem and, high above the capital at the top of the BT Tower, discovers how the capital's air quality is monitored today

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits Crewe, a town steeped in railway history, to investigate the making of cinema classic The Night Mail during the 1930s. He then heads to Chester to discover the interwar origins of Britain's most popular zoo, then goes across the border to the Welsh village of Gresford, scene of one of Britain's worst mining disasters

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits several of London's most famous locations, beginning on the South Bank, where the 1951 Festival of Britain drew more than eight and a half million visitors to admire fantastical buildings designed to inspire and celebrate the best of British in art, science and industry. After a spin on the London Eye, built to celebrate the millennium, Michael takes the London Underground to Chelsea to find out about Elizabeth David, one of the most influential cookery writers of the 20th century, and also heads to Covent Garden and Regent's Park

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits the sites of Victorian freak shows, rides one of the world's first electric railways in Southend and encounters the preserved head of a medieval politician as he continues his journey along the route of the Great Eastern Line

Great British Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits the Worcestershire village of Hartlebury, which was once home to a bishop who captured Queen Victoria's attention, on the second leg of his journey from Oxford to the south Wales coast. He also investigates the secrets of Worcestershire sauce and learns why the Malvern Hills were popular with 19th-century health enthusiasts

Great British Railway Journeys -:- On the second leg of his journey from Stirling to John O'Groats, Michael Portillo travels from Dundee to Aberdeen. Along the way he learns how Queen Victoria used to hide from her subjects and discovers why some factory workers went deaf

Great British Railway Journeys -:- On the third leg of his journey from London to Newton Abbot, Michael Portillo travels from Taunton to Minehead. Along the way he explores a church, finds out just what it takes to operate a 19th-century signal box and summons all his strength to move a 110-ton steam locomotive

Great Coastal Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo begins this leg of his Scottish railway journey from Dunbar to Peterhead in the beautiful medieval city of Stirling. At a towering monument overlooking the River Forth, Michael hears how, in 1297, William Wallace inflicted a shocking defeat on the English army at Stirling Bridge. Travelling across country to the River Tay, Michael discovers the city of Perth, before heading to the banks of the Tay for a magical sunset canoe trip to spot beavers

Great Coastal Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo continues his Scottish coastal journey along the Firth of Forth at the railway engineering icon for which it is famous throughout the world, the Forth Bridge, and reminisces about his delight in the crossing as a child visiting his Scottish grandparents. On the Firth's southern bank, Michael stops in the port of Leith to tour the Royal Yacht Britannia, before crossing the River Forth at Stirling and heading east to Alloa on the northern bank

Great Coastal Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels around the British Isles by train, immersing himself in the magnificent scenery of the nation's coastal regions. Meeting locals, he discovers passion and pride in their history, culture and identity, and seeks to understand the challenges each region faces today. He begins at Siccar Point in Berwickshire, which was the site of an extraordinary 18th-century discovery and is a place of pilgrimage for earth scientists from across the world

Great Coastal Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo travels from Whitby, where he explores the port's shipbuilding and seafaring heritage, to Robin Hood's Bay, a former smuggling haven

Great Coastal Railway Journeys -:- Michael Portillo visits Leuchars, known nowadays on the railways as Leuchars for St Andrews, which is Scotland's oldest university and is located on a beautiful beachfront

Great Indian Railway Journeys -:- On a journey from Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh to Kolkata in West Bengal, Michael Portillo charts a course through India's history from the days of The East India Company to the dawn of independence. In Lucknow, he tastes the famous kebabs, stops off at Bodh Gaya, where he meditates on its Buddhist heritage, and In Kolkata, he glimpses colonial Calcutta in the grand Great Eastern Hotel

Heartbeat -:- Gina Ward makes a surprise return to Aidensfield and Bellamy encounters a key informant who might come in useful - but finds himself in trouble when the man disappears before he can offer a tip-off about an imminent armed robbery. Meanwhile, Vernon acquires a bargain miniature railway which he hopes will impress the new estate manager, and it emerges Dr Liz Merrick may have feelings for Lord Ashfordly's recently appointed land agent. Tricia Penrose, Mark Jordon and Geoffrey Hughes star

How It's Made -:- Developments in the manufacture of turntables, steam engines, playground equipment and non-stick pans

How It's Made -:- The development processed behind the creation of carbon fibre, railcar movers and hood ornaments. Plus, the techniques used in antique frame restoration

How the Wild West Was Won with Ray Mears -:- The adventurer explores how the Great Plains - 500,000-square miles of flat, treeless grassland - became the setting for some of the Wild West's most dramatic events. Ray joins members of the Blackfeet Nation as they demonstrate bare-back riding skills before undertaking a ritual buffalo hunt and sacrifice. At a cattle auction in Dodge City, Kansas, he reveals stories about the railways and cow-towns before learning about the life of an iconic figure - the cowboy

How Trains Changed the World -:- From the Channel Tunnel to carrying iron ore in the Australian Outback, experts discuss the history and the future of freight trains

How Trains Changed the World -:- Intended as an efficient, economical way of moving freight, the emergence of express trains revolutionised society with the demand for fast travel

How Trains Changed the World -:- One of the great advances of the 19th century, the railways were a tool of the British Empire. This programme examines how the Victorians used them to expand their influence

Inside the Steam Train Museum -:- The volunteers get to work clearing up damage after a winter storm, and the vintage fire engine has its engine removed and overhauled, restoring it to full working order. A visiting traction engine is put to work sawing wood and winching out a dead tree

Into the Grand Canyon with Nick Knowles -:- Part two of two. The presenter experiences the Canyon via helicopter, kayak and steam train. He explores the region's history and towns such as Williams, Arizona, on the iconic Route 66, which earns its living from tourism, with 1950s diners and cowboy-themed bars receiving five million visitors a year

Isle of Wight: Jewel of the South -:- The Island's High Sheriff Kay Marriot attends the annual Steam Fair, where she tries her hand at some Morris dancing with all-female troupe the Oyster Girls. In Bembridge, John Attrill is the fifth generation of his family to work in his village's RNLI and he's hoping that his seven-year old-son Teddy will follow in his footsteps

Japan Railway Journal -:- Discover the secrets of Japan's railways, from the newest technologies and systems in use to travel tips and must-see places.

Japan Railway Journal -:- The Japanese railway industry has seen the introduction of many unique trains in recent years - see how new design elements and technological advancements are causing Japanese trains to evolve.

Kung Fu Panda -:- Po believes the ghost of a kung fu master has returned to train him, but the spectre's advice causes all sorts of problems

LEGO Hidden Side -:- The mission is simple: collect a package from the train station and bring it to JB. How come Jack and Parker flying through the air and fighting ghosts?

Live: Lost Dogs with Clare Balding -:- Clare Balding rallies the support of the public to help reunite lost dogs with their owners. Radzi Chinyanganya finds out about the search and rescue of terrier Millie with the help of a specialist drone team, vet Mark Abraham talks covers the facts and myths about microchipping our dogs, and JB Gill heads to Cornwall to train with sniffer dogs

Mega Shippers -:- In Texas, the process of unloading a 726-tonne column requires everyone's attention, while in London, a rail worker sends 22 train carriages of cement across the city

Mega Shippers -:- Kieran struggles to get a 26-tonne train rolling for the first time in 60 years. Plus, Colin has 48 hours to load ten valuable racing yachts

Murder on the Victorian Railway -:- Drama-documentary examining the death of banker Thomas Briggs in July 1864, which was the first murder to be committed on a British train. The film uses testimonies from court transcripts, memoirs, letters and newspaper reports to tell the story of the crime through those connected to it, including engine driver Alfred Ekin - who found the body - and Richard Tanner, the detective in charge of the investigation. It also explores the huge public outcry and debate it provoked. Narrated by Toby Jones

Nate Is Late -:- Nate and Malika are offered a free ride on a ghost train which turns out to be a cover to train young monsters

Nazi Megastructures -:- How the Nazis' extensive rail network was put to its most dreadful purpose - transporting prisoners to the concentration camps for execution in vast numbers

Nazi Megastructures -:- The rail network of Nazi Germany, examining Hitler's personal train and how the railways were used as a weapon of war across Europe

Not Going Out -:- It is Lucy's birthday and to celebrate Geoffrey and Wendy take her Lee, Toby and Anna for a trip on a vintage steam train. However, Lee's decision to play Poirot when a stranger turns up unannounced in their carriage risks Lucy's special day being ruined. Comedy, starring Lee Mack, Sally Bretton, Geoffrey Whitehead and Deborah Grant

Oli Wyn -:- The crew prepares the train for its next trip

Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs - India -:- The comedian helps more of the sick and abandoned dogs in Delhi. He meets a pup whose ears are infected and tries to train a boisterous labrador that cannot be rehomed because of its behavioural problems. He also goes out and about helping to treat some of the 400,000 waifs and strays on the city's streets

Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs -:- The comedian meets a neglected six-month-old boxer that was found chained to a tree in a London park, and the Battersea staff go back to basics to train an abandoned and mistreated puppy before rehoming can be considered. Meanwhile, a man brings his two-month-old lurcher to the home, having realised he has taken on too much

Railroad Australia -:- A group of trainee train drivers faces the reality of life on the lines. Meanwhile, Metro Train's Craigieburn Maintenance Depot battles to meet the network's demands

Railroad Australia -:- A new V/Line VLocity train is driven to its limits to pass the final test. The ageing Savannahlander railcar faces one of Australia's roughest tracks after a stormy wet season

Railroad Australia -:- A re-tooled grain train springs some leaks, Bernie's Streamliner festival faces disaster and the Pichi Richi Explorer takes part in a crazy race in South Australia

Railroad Australia -:- In Victoria, a crack team races to build the state's VLocity trains of the future. Slippery tracks and kangaroos throw a 5,000-tonne coal train off its path to port

Railroad Australia -:- John Mackie takes on a hellish loco restoration job, Wilmar Sugar race to repair cyclone-destroyed tracks, and an upstart freight company takes on Broken Hill's mineral riches

Railroad Australia -:- Pacific National's Steel Train battles the Nullarbor to deliver its vital cargo across the continent. Plus, a busted antique loco gets master mechanic Mick steaming

Robson Green's Weekend Escapes -:- Robson and his Grantchester co-star Tom Brittney take a road trip around County Durham, where they go dragonboat racing on the Wear a journey on the oldest railway in the world at Tanfield. They also spend a night in a forest camp, where they forage for food, enjoy a campfire sing-song and a sleep in self-erected hammocks

Rocky IV (1985) -:- The Italian Stallion agrees to help former champion Apollo Creed train for a match against a seemingly invincible boxer from the Soviet Union, only to see his friend die as a result of injuries sustained in the fight. Rocky vows to avenge him, and prepares to take on the Russian heavyweight in his own country. Drama sequel, directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone. With Dolph Lundgren, Talia Shire, Carl Weathers and Brigitte Nielsen

Salvage Dawgs -:- Black Dog Salvage saves architectural elements at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia. Key items include railings, brick pavers, gothic lighting, and a safe from the 1940s. Mike and Courtney repurpose a mantle into a hanging wall piece

Salvage Dawgs -:- Mike and Robert remove a two-piece staircase from a farmhouse in Marion, Virginia. The duo also pick through a train yard. Back at the shop, Mike builds a bar from panel doors as a surprise for a customer's husband

Salvage Hunters -:- At a railway museum in Somerset, Drew Pritchard and Tee John uncover two rare signs from the 1920s. Later, Drew finds shoe lasts made for music legend Paul McCartney

Salvage Hunters -:- Drew Pritchard searches the UK for valuable scrap items. He tries to make a profit on a collection of 19th-century balconet rails, finds himself bartering with a baronet at one of Scotland's grandest estates and is given a run for his money by a seasoned salvager

Salvage Hunters -:- In Monmouthshire at the UK's largest stockist of antique railwayana, modern day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard spots some amazing wagon signage. In Gloucestershire he finds a stunning Victorian card table

Scrap Kings -:- A giant brick tower is toppled next to a railway line. Meanwhile, one of Britain's veteran scrap kings ploughs his profits into racing cars

Secrets of the Underground -:- A legendary train filled with stolen Nazi gold is said to be hidden in Poland. Rob and Stefan explore deep under the earth's surface to uncover the truth

Secrets of the Zoo: Tampa -:- The animal care staff train a new female Malayan tiger, tend to a sassy sandhill crane and rescue a manatee mother and calf

Send in the Dogs -:- The work of British Transport Police's canine units, which help monitor the safety of commuters on thousands of miles of railway and underground track. The programme follows a spaniel trained to search for drugs, as well as police dogs that help their human handlers control the crowds at football matches. Ken Stott narrates

Sesame Street Mecha Builders -:- Roof is delivering eggs to Marwyn at the Train Station, until the train pulls into the station and cannot stop

Tata and Kuma -:- Madcap animated comedy. Pobi goes on a trip to a vampire meeting held every 1000 years and decides to train a successor to take care of his tomatoes when he's not home - the candidates are Tata and Kuma, regardless of what they want to do. After a brief training session with Pobi, the duo settle into their duties.

The Big Steam Adventure -:- In York, Peter John and Paul head off down the river Ouse on a steam launch modeled on a luxury service vehicle from the 1980s, before stopping off at Newby Hall for a spot of lunch and to take a look around the stately home. When they later disembark in Ripon, the trio hop into a 1908 Stanley steam car to Paul's hometown of Pickering, before racing towards Grosmont on a 9F steam train with a huge 3,500 horsepower engine

The Big Steam Adventure -:- John, Peter and Paul set off from Whitby in their first vehicle of the day, a 1937 open-topped steam lorry, but when it breaks down, the trio have to hitch a ride to Beamish, the living history museum. From Beamish they head to the oldest railway line in the world, before hopping on a steam launch on the River Tyne. With just 75 miles to go and their journey coming to an end, they jump in their final steam vehicle and set off for the Scottish border

The Big Steam Adventure -:- John Sergeant, Peter Davison and Paul Middleton travel from London to Scotland using only the power of steam. From barges and paddle boats to steam trains and traction engines, the trio use a wide range of steam machines to make their way up the country, and learn about the history and engineering genius of the machines they are travelling on along the way. Peter, John and Paul begin their journey in Greenwich, London, before traveling to Kings Cross station in an open-topped 1909 Stanley Steam car. Finally, they board The Duchess of Sutherland steam train to Stevenage where they view the fascinating vintage planes at the Shuttleworth Museum

The Big Steam Adventure -:- The trio start the next leg of their journey at Peterborough station, which is home to the Nene Valley Railway, and Paul is thrilled to board a steam train designed by famous designer Oliver Bullet called 92 Squadron. Next, they head to the Grand Union Canal where they board a steam barge called The Adamant, before travelling north to York on the impressive steam loco the Duchess of Sutherland

The Dales -:- Midwife Chris Warren visits an expectant mother in Masham, while drummer Mike Naylor of the Swale Valley Stompers invites his grand-daughter Charlotte to join the jazz band for a concert at the Harrogate Flower Show. Adrian Edmondson finds out whether the Wensleydale Railway volunteers have realised their dream of opening up the disused line between Leeming Bar and Northallerton

The Dales -:- Wensleydale Railway general manager Nigel Park and his team of volunteers put on an event to raise money to open up the old line between Leeming Bar and Northallerton, which would connect the Dales to the East Coast mainline. Adrian Edmondson spends a day with vet Amy Swales on her rounds in the Swaledale area, while the Wensleydale Young Farmers are given a lesson in the art of auctioneering by expert Maurice Scott

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants -:- George and Harold train a rat for extra credit, but it escapes.

The Graham Norton Show -:- Graham presents his traditional end-of-year show, joined by guests Michael Sheen, appearing in Sky Cinema's Last Train to Christmas, Oscar-nominated Jessica Chastain, the star and producer of female spy film The 355. British actor Claire Foy talks about quirky biopic The Electrical Life of Louis Wain, Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage chats about playing Cyrano de Bergerac in Joe Wright's new adaptation Cyrano, while The Good Fight's Cush Jumbo reflects on her role in Harlan Coben drama Stay Close. Top comic Joe Lycett lightens the mood, promoting his UK tour More, More, More. Plus, the Divine Comedy perform their classic Something for the Weekend and there are some final stories from the Big Red Chair to round off the year

The Middle -:- The Hecks learn that Aunt Edie has passed away and board a train with the body to take her to her final resting place. Meanwhile, Axl starts to believe that he was responsible for her death. American comedy, starring Charlie McDermott

The Middle -:- When Brick demonstrates his talent in a school spelling bee, Mike decides to train him for a regional competition. However, as the family members prepare to embark on a road trip to Chicago for the event, they realise they have forgotten Sue's birthday

The Real Housewives of Atlanta -:- Tyrone makes a proclamation to Shereé, Porsha blows off some steam with a friend, Kandi worries about the fallout from dropping NeNe from her tour and Kenya one-ups the haters

The Repair Shop -:- Among the items coming into the barn for a spruce-up include an iconic but dilapidated Chopper bike which once lit up Christmas morning for two brothers. A much-loved but threadbare teddy bear in need of a stitch in time provides another challenge, along with a broken-down clockwork train set and a treasured harmonium that has been silent for decades. Jay Blades presents

The Royal -:- A train crash claims the life of an infant making Jill more determined than ever to support Carnegie's plans for a premature baby unit at the hospital. Meanwhile, local farmer Sam Benson (guest star Jack Deam) causes concern with his erratic behaviour, and Stella's rapist requires life-saving surgery after being attacked by the father of another victim

The Saved and Remade Workshop -:- Leigh turns a toy train into an item that reflects its owner's love of rugby and frogs, and a 63-year-old teddy bear is given a new lease of life

The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) -:- Criminals hijack a crowded New York subway train and threaten to start shooting the passengers unless a $10million ransom is paid in one hour. However, the transport supervisor they issue their demands to begins to suspect the plot is part of an even grander scheme. Tony Scott's thriller remake, with Denzel Washington and John Travolta

The Train Robbers (1973) -:- A thief's grieving widow persuades a gunslinger to help her find a cache of her husband's stolen gold and return it to the rightful owners. However, a group of Mexican bandits and a mysterious stranger are also after the loot. Western, starring John Wayne, Ann-Margret, Rod Taylor and Ben Johnson

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard -:- Station staff wilt as temperatures soar during a heatwave, while head chef Sammy has to keep her cool and prepare a four-course banquet for Yorkshire Day celebrations

The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard -:- The North York Moors Railway prepares for its spring opening, but main attraction the Royal Scot develops a fault and boilersmith Mark has to replace a leaking safety plug

This Country -:- Kerry and Kurtan visit the local train station to welcome Reverend Seaton home from a trip to Bristol. In the vicar's absence, the cousins have been handling lots of village administration for him, with Kerry mucking in by looking after the parish chickens and Kurtan manning the phone as the point of contact in case of emergencies. Bafta-winning spoof documentary exploring modern life in a Cotswold village, written by and starring siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper, with Paul Chahidi

To End All Wars (2001) -:- Four PoWs learn to rely on one another for support while they are held captive by Japanese forces during the Second World War, and made to build a railway through the stifling Burmese jungle. Fact-based drama, starring Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland, Ciaran McMenamin and Mark Strong

Tomos a'i Ffrindau -:- When the trains must deliver in pairs, Thomas is disappointed to be paired with Diesel instead of his best friend Percy

Travel Man: 48 Hours In -:- Crystal Maze presenter Richard Ayoade returns with the offbeat tourism show and is joined in the first edition by comedian and Room 101 host Frank Skinner for a short break in Switzerland's largest city. Their two-day break in Zurich features trips to a football museum and the Cabaret Voltaire, which was the birthplace of the Dada art movement, while they also go on the steepest funicular railway in the world, pay homage to the Swiss army knife and go for a pedalo ride on Lake Zurich

UFC: The Ultimate Fighter -:- This documentary series follows MMA fighters as they train and compete against each other for a contract with the UFC

Walks Around Britain -:- Andrew White treks up The Great Orme in North Wales and beside a railway in West Yorkshire

Whale Rider (2002) -:- A Maori girl abandoned by her father after her mother's death is raised by her grandfather Koro, the tribal chief. The departure of his own son leaves Koro without a male heir, so he begins to train the local boys to determine who will be worthy of the honour - but his grand-daughter is determined to prove she can take up the reins of power. Drama, with Keisha Castle-Hughes, Rawiri Paratene and Vicky Haughton

Why Him? (2016) -:- A protective dad is far from thrilled when his daughter begins dating a foul-mouthed playboy millionaire, who has made his fortune with the kind of technology that is driving their own old-fashioned printing company out of business. A holiday gathering threatens to go off the rails when he realises the object of her affections is about to pop the question. Comedy, starring Bryan Cranston, James Franco and Zoey Deutch

Wildlife SOS -:- The team treats an owl that refuses to fly and a badger with life-threatening injuries, while Simon tries to free a deer that has become stuck in railings

Wild West Chronicles -:- Butch and Sundance are gone, so Bat Masterson asks Sundance's girlfriend to relive the events from one of the West's greatest train robberies

World's Greatest Train Journeys from Above -:- Norway's Bergen line, running from Bergen to Oslo, is filmed from the air as it passes along the fjords of Western Norway, rises to the snowy Hardanger Plateau, and descends through deep forests. Along the way, we learn how a dedicated team of people keep the line open in a challenging environment: clearing snow and ice, deterring wildlife, and repairing damaged trains

World's Greatest Train Journeys from Above -:- This episode follows the luxury El Chepe train from above and on the ground. The route is a wonder of Mexican engineering that took 100 years to build and winds through the world's largest canyon region, Copper Canyon

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- A stunning journey in New Zealand, through the heart of South Island's best scenery. It starts in Greymouth, renowned for its coal mining past, moving on to Arthur's Pass National Park - with its historically important Maori hunting grounds. The train passes through Cass, made famous by Kiwi artist Rita Angus and onwards to the Waimakiriri gorge and its 15 tunnels and four viaducts. Rail engineers recall how the line has been affected by earthquakes before the journey arrives in Christchurch, a city sitting on a volcano. Narrated by Bill Nighy

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- Bill Nighy narrates a journey that starts at Tirano and climbs up through the Italian Alps and lakes through into Switzerland, taking in the Landwasser Viaduct. At Disentis, the train track changes to a cog railway as the gradient gets steeper, and a much bigger engine is added to climb the steep mountain route. The journey then reaches its conclusion at Zermatt, sitting at the base of the majestic Matterhorn

World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys -:- In Norway, camera follow a train journey that begins in the capital Oslo and heads all the way to Bodo inside the Arctic Circle. The first leg is the Dovre line, running from to the remote northern wonderland of Trondheim. Along the way it passes through the vast Gudbrandsdal valley and across the awe-inspiring Dovrefjell mountain plateau. The route stops at the picturesque mountain village of Dombas, before changing to the Rauma railway, which features dramatic fjords opening out along the Rauma river, dotted with some of the country's most famous landmarks. Narrated by Bill Nighy


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