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The Weekly Poser: Where is this?

Rails and roadway shared this bridge for over 50 years, but the rails have now gone. Where is it?

Last week's Where is this?

This railway layout of this town was transformed as a post-1923 Grouping rationalisation. The main station was relocated to the centre of the triangle and is no longer a terminus. Where is it? (It had trams too)

Answer: Ramsgate. Congratulations are due to the following for their correct answers: Peter Tisdale, Ian Lowe, Paul Hopper, Dave Goodyear, Bob Hawes, Brian Billing, David Mant, Andrew Treves, Jane Sullivan, John Grimley, Bryn Pitcher, Ian Bromley.

The 1923 Grouping formally brought together the South Eastern Railway (SER) and the London, Chatham & Dover Railway (LC&DR) into the Southern Railway (SR), but they had been working together as the South East & Chatham Railway (SE&CR) Joint Management Committee since 1898. Both forerunners had separate stations at Margate and Ramsgate on Thanet at the tip of south east England and competing routes between the two towns. The LC&DR reached its terminus at Ramsgate Harbour via a lengthy tunnel with a 1-in-75 gradient. A tramway linked Ramsgate's two termini, served the sea-front promenade, and meandered its way to Margate - but managed to miss much of Ramsgate town centre!

1926 saw Ramsgate Town and Harbour stations being closed after a new 1.5 mile link was opened. The direct Ramsgate-Margate spur also closed, creating space for the maintenance depot which survives to this day.

With Ramsgate on the front line of the "Battle of Britain", the redundant tunnel became a vital air raid shelter in 1940. There are tours now available. Visit ramsgatetunnels.org.

As an aside, streets are laid out at Lydden on the west of both these maps, yet they don't appear on a modern map.


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